Car Towing Quiz
by Staff
There are several options for towing a car. Making the wrong decision could result in a damaged vehicle. Do you know how each one works? Which option is best for your towing needs? Test your car towing knowledge right now!

Tow bars are most effective for:

  • Manual cars
  • Automatic cars
  • Luxury cars
  • All cars

What shape is a tow bar?

  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Octagon

When using a tow bar, how many wheel of the towed vehicle are on the ground?

  • None of the wheels
  • Two of the wheels
  • All of the wheels
  • Octagon

Tow dollies are most effective for:

  • Rear-wheel drive vehicles
  • Front-wheel drive vehicles
  • Four-wheel drive vehicles
  • None of the above

What towing accessory allows you to tow a two-wheel drive vehicle?

  • A tow dollie
  • A trailer
  • All of the above

Allowing a tow vehicle's driving wheel to remain on the ground can cause:

  • Transmission damage
  • Wheel damage
  • Body Damage
  • All of the above

Safe towing methods include:

  • Two-wheel towing
  • Four-wheel towing
  • Dollie towing
  • All of the above

Break-away brakes are:

  • Electronic safety systems
  • Manual safety systems
  • Hydraulic safety systems
  • None of the above

When do most states require you to have when car towing?

  • Break-away brakes
  • License plate lights
  • Safety Chains
  • All of the above

Car towing laws:

  • Vary from state to state
  • Are the same in all states
  • Are non-existent
  • None of the above