The Ultimate Carpet Installation Quiz
by Staff
Should you install your new carpet yourself or hire a professional to do it? As you might expect, there are pros and cons to both. Take our quiz to find out if you have the right "tools" for the job.

What is the major advantage of installing your own carpet?

  • You will save money.
  • You can choose your own schedule.
  • both of the above

What is the downside of installing your own carpet?

  • It may take longer than planned.
  • You might ruin the carpet.
  • both of the above

_____ strips are strips of wood with pins that catch the carpet and hold it in place.

  • Tack-up
  • Tackless
  • Tacked

Which tool is used to "kick" the carpet into place?

  • knee-kicker
  • carpet-kicker
  • carpet-jammer

Which tool allows you to lay your carpet evenly and smoothly?

  • a carpet layer
  • a carpet smoother
  • a carpet stretcher

Which tool is used to make sure that the carpet sticks to the adhesive beneath?

  • a steam roller
  • a seam roller
  • an adhesive roller

What is the biggest advantage of working with the installation staff of your carpet retailer?

  • The installation is covered by the warranty.
  • You don't have to give them a tip.
  • They are less expensive than independent contractors.

When choosing an independent carpet installer, what qualifications should you look for?

  • strong knees
  • a pickup truck
  • professional certification

Which type of pad is laid under a carpet?

  • an overpad
  • an underpad
  • a carpet pad

How much can you expect to pay for carpet installation?

  • $6 per square yard
  • $12 per square yard
  • $18 per square yard