The Ultimate Cat Shows Quiz
by Staff
Your cat is so special in your eyes that you're sure it would win a cat show. But what do you know about cat shows? Can anyone enter and what are the judges looking for? Find out about cat shows by taking this quiz.

What is the name of the American body that oversees cat shows?

  • the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF)
  • the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)
  • the American Cat Show Association (ACSA)

When did modern cat shows come into fashion?

  • 1821
  • 1871
  • 1921

In what city or cities does the CFA International Cat Show conduct its annual event?

  • in a different city every year
  • in New York
  • in Washington, D.C.

In the annual Supreme Cat Show, held in the U.K. by GCCF, how many cats usually take part?

  • more than 800
  • more than 1,000
  • more than 2,000

Which of these best describes a typical cat show?

  • peaceful and relaxed
  • pompous and gaudy
  • hectic and noisy

How do they judge cats at a cat show?

  • They compare them to their breed standard.
  • They compare them to their canine counterparts.
  • They judge them subjectively according to the taste of the panel of judges that day.

Aside from looking at the cats' measurements, how else are cats assessed?

  • according to the clearness of their eyes
  • according to the overall balance and proportion of their features
  • according to their temperament and demeanor

How many CFA-recognized breeds are there?

  • 15
  • 41
  • 87

What part of the cat carries the highest points value: the head, ears or eyes?

  • head
  • ears
  • eyes

Who makes sure that the shows run smoothly and cages are maintained?

  • valets and ring leaders
  • valets and cat stewards
  • ring clerks and ring stewards

In the championship category, how old do the cats have to be?

  • at least six months old
  • at least eight months old
  • at least 12 months old

In a specialty show, what is meant by the term "altered cat"?

  • a cat that has had its fur altered either in color or texture
  • a cat that has been declawed
  • a cat that has been spayed or neutered

How do cat shows differ from dog shows in terms of where the animals are judged from?

  • Cats are judged from the judging tables whereas dogs are made to jog around the arena.
  • Cats are judged from inside their cages whereas dogs are brought outside.
  • Cats are judged under the main tent whereas dogs are judged from within their stalls.

What color scheme is used for first, second and third ribbons at the CFA cat show?

  • gold, navy, purple
  • green, blue, bronze
  • blue, red, yellow

If a cat champion wins over 200 points, it is called:

  • an aristocat
  • a grand champion
  • a duchess

What do household pets win in their category?

  • certificate awards
  • merit awards
  • certificates of merit

What is the "best-in-show" award?

  • the highest award of a big league cat show
  • the highest award of a small, regional cat show
  • the runner-up award (after the "very-best-in-show" award) at a big league cat show

What do experts suggest you do before entering your cat in a show?

  • Apply in writing to the official cat show board of judges.
  • Register your cat on the two-year-long waiting list.
  • Familiarize yourself first by attending a show as a spectator.

What type of competition has the CFA International Cat Show introduced in recent years?

  • an agility show
  • a pussy-footing show
  • a battle-of-the-claws competition

Who caters the cat food at the cat shows?

  • There is a special cat caterer who provides first-class feline foods.
  • Each person brings what his or her cat needs to eat.
  • Large sponsors cater, including Friskies and Fancy Feast brands.