Quiz: How Cattle Sorting and Penning Works
by Staff
Cattle Sorting and penning can be quite challenging. How knowledgeable are you when it comes to cattle sorting and penning?

Which of the following terms refers to a popular rodeo sport?

  • cattle sorting
  • cattle penning
  • all of the above

Which sport involves cowboys riding on horseback and sorting cows?

  • cattle sorting
  • cattle penning
  • cattle wrestling

In ranch sorting, what are the unnumbered cows called?

  • loners
  • dirties
  • skinnies

Which of the following statements is true?

  • Cattle penning is more difficult than team sorting.
  • Team sorting is more difficult than cattle penning.
  • Cattle penning is another term for team sorting.

Where is campdrafting popular?

  • Germany
  • Australia
  • India

In what sport does a competitor on horseback try to separate a calf from a group, herd it into the center of an arena and keep it there so that it can't get away and return to the herd?

  • sorting
  • penning
  • cutting

What is the max amount of points that the contestant can win in campdrafting?

  • 50 points
  • 100 points
  • 500 points

What does RSNC stand for?

  • The Ranch Sorting National Championships
  • The Rodeo Show in North Carolina
  • The Rodeo Sorting National Championships

How does the RSNC distinguish competitors?

  • on a scale from one to five
  • on a scale from one to nine
  • on a scale from one to twenty

How does the United States Penning Association rate riders?

  • on a scale from one to seven
  • on a scale from one to nine
  • on a scale from one to fifteen