The Ultimate Cavity Creeps Quiz
by Staff
Think you know why you should brush, floss and visit the dentist on a regular basis? Think again. This quiz might not protect you from the cavity creeps, but at least you'll know why you're in pain when they invade.

Which word is another name for tooth decay?

  • fluorosis
  • caries
  • leukoplakia
  • herpangina

Which is not a tell-tale sign that you have a cavity?

  • tooth sensitivity
  • sore tongue
  • visible holes
  • pus

Which of the following contains “fermentable carbohydrates?”

  • green beans
  • candy
  • bread
  • cardboard

Which of the following is the correct term for a sticky film that coats your teeth?

  • saliva
  • plaque
  • gingivitis
  • enamel

Which of the following is one of the many components of plaque?

  • red blood cells
  • bacteria
  • pus
  • hemoglobin

Which is the correct term for a tooth’s hard outer shell?

  • pulp
  • root
  • enamel
  • crown

Which statement best describes dentin?

  • yellowish, bone-like tissue that covers part of the root
  • soft tissue that surrounds the base of the tooth
  • hard part of the tooth just under the enamel
  • tough shiny, white outer surface of the tooth

What is the inner tooth known as?

  • enamel
  • pulp
  • root
  • crown

Which symptom of tooth decay might you experience when bacteria starts infecting the bone?

  • bleeding gums
  • sensitivity
  • receding gums
  • severe toothache

Which of the following statements best describe why an abscess forms within a tooth?

  • An abscess forms when primary teeth are replaced by permanent teeth.
  • An abscess forms when the crown cracks.
  • An abscess forms when the pulp begins to break down.
  • An abscess forms when the body sends out white blood cells to fight the infection.

Which part of the mouth does tooth decay occur most frequently?

  • molars and premolars
  • incisors
  • canines
  • periodontal ligament

What destroys tooth enamel?

  • dentin
  • sugar
  • saliva
  • acid created by bacteria

Why do most child experts recommend not giving babies bedtime bottles filled with milk, formula or juice?

  • These beverages do not provide enough nutrition for a baby, thereby weakening the child's teeth.
  • These beverages destroy the good bacteria in the child's mouth.
  • These beverages, when given at night, inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • These beverages can remain on the child’s teeth for hours while the baby sleeps, providing food for bacteria.

Which of these groups is most at risk for cavities?

  • teens
  • adults
  • males
  • females

What happens to a person’s gums as the person ages?

  • the gums become healthier
  • the gums lose their elasticity
  • the gums recede
  • the gums become less sensitive to cold drinks

Which of the following statements best describes the impact saliva has on tooth decay?

  • Saliva washes away food and plaque from teeth.
  • Saliva keeps food particles in place.
  • Saliva creates a good environment for bacteria to grow.
  • Saliva contains an enzyme that kills bacteria.

Which of the following medical conditions can lead to cavities and tooth decay?

  • eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia
  • herpes
  • obesity
  • leukoplakia

Which of the following best describes the job of a filling?

  • stops bacteria from spreading
  • keeps the root from bleeding
  • replaces the decayed area of a tooth
  • replaces the pulp

What procedure might you have to endure when decay reaches the pulp?

  • porcelain veneers
  • root canal
  • crown replacement
  • tooth extraction

Which of the following foods protects your teeth?

  • cheese
  • candy
  • bread
  • carrots