Changing Brake Pads Quiz
by Staff
Changing brakes pads is an important aspect of brake maintenance. How knowledgeable are you about brake pad changing procedures? Take this quiz and find out!

How important are brake pads to your vehicle's braking system?

  • Not very
  • Paramount
  • None of the above

What device alerts you when your brake pads need to be looked at?

  • Wear indicator
  • Pressure gauge
  • None of the above

How do wear indicators alert you that your brakes need to be looked at?

  • It squeaks when you apply the brakes
  • It lights up
  • It beeps every time you start your vehicle

While changing brake pads, where should you should you check for cracks or holes?

  • The brake calipers
  • The break rotors
  • The brake lines

Why are cracks in the brake lines bad?

  • They can cause loss in brake pressure
  • They can cause complete brake failure
  • All of the above

What types of leaks are dangerous in a hydraulic brake system?

  • All leaks
  • Small leaks
  • Big leaks

How long do brake pads last?

  • About 10,000 miles
  • Two years
  • It depends on specific driving habits
  • None of the above

When changing brake pads, what should you use to raise your vehicle?

  • A jack
  • Jack stands
  • None of the above

When you remove the wheels of your vehicle, what do you expose?

  • Brake rotors
  • Brake calipers
  • Brake pads
  • All of the above

What is the best tool for removing wheel nuts?

  • Lug wrench
  • Monkey wrench
  • Caliper tool