Charles I of England Quiz
by Staff
Charles might've "bowed his comely head/down, as upon a bed" in death, but a lot happened before he got there. Test your knowledge of Charles' early years, political frustrations, fight and flight in this quiz.

When was Charles born?

  • 1600
  • 1487
  • 1752

What was Charles' father, James, known for?

  • The new American colonists named Jamestown after him.
  • He oversaw a new English translation of the Bible.
  • both of the above

Where was Charles born?

  • London
  • Fife, Scotland
  • Kilkenny, Ireland

Charles' language was also marked with what?

  • a hearing impairment
  • a lisp
  • a stutter

Charles was going to marry a Spanish princess, but what happened?

  • She refused to marry him.
  • He refused to convert to Catholicism.
  • His dad told him to get real and settle for a less-pretty noble.

What royal did he end up marrying?

  • the princess of the Netherlands
  • his cousin, Mildred
  • the sister of King Louis XIII

The most important (and unpopular) advisor in Charles' early years was …

  • his wife
  • duke of Buckingham
  • his brother, Henry

Why were people NOT thrilled with Buckingham's match of Henrietta Maria and Charles?

  • She was Catholic.
  • She was boring.
  • She wasn't smart.

Buckingham was impeached by the House of Commons after he tried and failed to go to war with whom?

  • the Irish
  • the French
  • the Spanish

The House of Commons was largely made up of …

  • peasants
  • Catholics
  • Puritans

What was the name given to those opposed to the Puritan teachings?

  • the Real Church
  • the High Church
  • the Big Church

When something wasn't going Charles' way in Parliament, he did what?

  • He would give long-winded speeches to them.
  • He would dissolve Parliament.
  • He would leave the country.

How did the people of England react to the duke of Buckingham's assassination in 1628?

  • They celebrated.
  • They were devastated.
  • No one knew for fifteen years.

After Buckingham's death, what was Charles' reaction?

  • He refused to call a Parliament for 11 years.
  • He worked much better with Parliament.
  • He apologized to the House of Commons.

Because he couldn't receive parliamentary grants, Charles did what?

  • disbanded the army
  • sold court jewels
  • made people pay nonparliamentary taxes

Charles tried to impose what on Scotland?

  • a national language
  • a new liturgical prayer book
  • a tax

What did the disagreement lead to?

  • a lot of strongly worded letters
  • a rift in the church
  • a war

Because he needed money, Charles had to what?

  • call Parliament to order
  • get money from the French
  • raise more taxes

Charles finally agreed to what with Scotland?

  • a conversion of Scots to Church of England
  • a conversion of Scots to Catholicism
  • the establishment of Presbyterianism

As soon as tensions with Scotland had died a bit, who started a rebellion within the kingdom?

  • the Catholics
  • the Irish
  • the Puritans

What drove Charles to decide to arrest six Parliament members?

  • rumors of impeachment of the queen
  • He saw graffiti on a Parliament wall about him.
  • a satirical pamphlet painting him as a buffoon

How did the arrest go?

  • All the members escaped arrest.
  • Charles looked terrible for entering the House of Commons to arrest members.
  • Both of the above are true.

Where did Charles ended up bolstering an army?

  • London
  • the north of England
  • Wales

Why did Henrietta Maria go to Denmark?

  • to pawn jewels to help finance the royalists
  • to divorce Charles
  • for vacation

After civil war broke out, Charles moved his court where?

  • London
  • Oxford, England
  • York, England

After being in the hands of the Scots, Charles was given to the Parliamentarians where he …

  • was killed
  • escaped
  • was held for ten years

The governor of the Isle of Wight …

  • was not a royalist
  • wasn't there
  • was super friendly to him

Charles was tried for …

  • murder
  • heresy
  • treason

Charles was executed by …

  • beheading
  • hanging
  • gunshot

What was one of Charles' passions?

  • cooking
  • poetry
  • art