The Ultimate Charleston Quiz
by Staff
You will not want to miss spending some time in one of the Old South’s most popular historic cities. Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States and is rich in Civil War era architecture as well as Southern hospitality. Charleston is also a center for shopping, world-class entertainment and spots meant for pure relaxation. Take our quiz to learn more about historic Charleston.

In what year was Charleston, South Carolina, founded?

  • 1670
  • 1690
  • 1720

What is one of the most notable things people say about Charleston?

  • In Charleston, complete strangers will often stop and offer you a ride as you walk along.
  • In Charleston, complete strangers will often invite you onto their porch for iced tea as you walk by.
  • In Charleston, complete strangers will often offer a smile and say hello as you pass by.

What did King Charles II of England first name the port city of Charleston?

  • Port Catherine after his wife
  • Charles Towne after himself
  • Jamestown after his brother

What had you better be aware of when you head for Charleston to spend some quality time?

  • Charleston has a history of slavery and it is rude to discuss such matters better forgotten.
  • Charleston has a reputation as the Show Me State so prepare to prove anything you state as fact.
  • Leave behind your tendency to hurry because rushing anyone is just not polite.

Many historic homes are located in Charleston that survived the city's only earthquake, which occurred in what year?

  • 1850
  • 1886
  • 1905

What is the name of a famous fortified seawall that overlooks the harbor and the Island of Fort Sumter?

  • The Battery
  • Charles Wall
  • Cannonball Ridge

What is the significance in U.S. history of Fort Sumter, located on a small man-made island in Charleston Harbor?

  • Fort Sumter is the site of the opening confrontation that is credited with starting the American civil war.
  • For four years after its loss to Confederate Military forces in 1861 the Union forces tried to recapture it.
  • Both of the above are true of the history of Fort Sumter.

What dialect may you pick up if you listen carefully to locals at the Old City Market?

  • French
  • Gullah
  • Cockney

About how many people work at the combined naval and air force commands in and around Charleston?

  • about 11,000
  • about 8,000
  • about 5,000

What is something you will see in the Old City Market?

  • You will see horse drawn wooden buggies full of tourists passing slowly through the main concourse.
  • One entire section of the Old City Market is dedicated to competitive priced Old South antiques.
  • You will see basket weavers as they weave baskets based on tradition that are now considered works of art.

How many tons of oysters are steamed, shucked and eaten for the sake of local charities at the annual Low Country Oyster Roast?

  • 75,000 pounds
  • 65,000 pounds
  • 50,000 pounds

What is the name of the famous submarine privately built in 1863?

  • Hunley Submarine
  • Charleston Shark
  • Warren Lasch Submersible

Where in Charleston can one find the oldest landscaped gardens in the United States?

  • White Point Gardens
  • Cypress Gardens
  • Middleton Place Plantation

What is the name of the museum in Charleston that claims to be America’s oldest museum?

  • King Charles II Museum
  • Charleston Museum
  • Meeting House Museum

How many live specimens that are mostly native to the Appalachian Watershed area are on display at Charleston's South Carolina Aquarium?

  • almost 11,000
  • over 10,000
  • almost 9,000

How many acres of black water cypress and tupelo swamp can you tour on boardwalks at the popular Audubon Swamp Garden?

  • 60 acres
  • 80 acres
  • 100 acres

How old is the Dock Street Theater, where performances are still held to this day?

  • 200 years
  • 250 years
  • 275 years

What internationally acclaimed annual festival brings performers from all over the world to appear in a 17-day gala in venues all over Charleston?

  • Sottile Festival of the Performing Arts
  • Piccolo Spoleto Festival
  • both of the above

Approximately, how many buildings in Charleston have been designated as historic buildings?

  • more than 4,000
  • about 3,000
  • around 2,500

What is the best way to tour the many historical homes of Charleston?

  • Many original homes have been turned into museums or showcases that you can tour year round.
  • Attend the annual Festival of Homes and Gardens, when many private homes are open for viewing.
  • Both of the above are ideal ways to see the insides of historic homes and buildings.