The Ultimate Cheerful Décor Ideas Quiz
by Staff
A few cheerful décor ideas can make your home more inviting. Take our quiz and learn how to use some cheerful décor ideas.

Which of these phrases best describes how most of your home should feel?

  • dark and gloomy
  • whimsical and inviting
  • formal and stern

How much of the décor you use can have an effect on the feel of a room?

  • some
  • most
  • all

How do you give a room a casual feel?

  • add more detail
  • simplify the décor
  • paint the room white

Shiny surfaces, such as hardwood floors, are appropriate for what sort of room?

  • a formal dining room
  • a casual salon
  • a luxurious bathroom

Which of these phrases would you use to describe casual furniture?

  • tight and shinny
  • soft and comfortable
  • thin and delicate

What should you do to turn a formal couch into a casual one?

  • Reupholster the couch.
  • Paint it a more casual color.
  • Cover it with a simple slipcover.

When should you arrange your furniture at 90 degree angles?

  • for a formal look
  • for a casual look
  • under all circumstances

Which of these light fixtures is best for a casual look?

  • brass wall sconces
  • a crystal chandelier
  • wrought iron lamps

Which of these should you use to apply patterns to curtains?

  • a paint brush
  • glue
  • a silk screen

What should you use to remove drawing fluid from a silk screen?

  • steam
  • cold water
  • vinegar

How can you transfer an image from a silk screen to the fabric you're decorating?

  • with an iron
  • with a squeegee
  • with a paint brush

What should you use to speed up the drying process?

  • a blow dryer
  • a clothes dryer
  • a ceiling fan

Before you begin making a 3D photo display what should you do?

  • taking new photos
  • planning the layout of the display
  • repainting the wall

How do you achieve depth in a 3D picture display?

  • by using 3D photos
  • by bending the photographs at different angles
  • by hanging the pictures at different distances from the wall

What kind of picture frame is ideal for casual décor?

  • gold leaf frames
  • wooden frames
  • pewter frames