The Ultimate Child ID Card Quiz
by Staff
Hundreds of thousands of children go missing in the United States every year. Be prepared by making sure your child has appropriate identification in the event that your child gets lost. Take this quiz and find out why every child should have an ID card.

Who should carry child ID cards?

  • all children
  • children under the age of two
  • parents of children

What is a child ID card?

  • It's similar to a driver's license
  • It's a tracking device.
  • both of the above

Approximately how many kids go missing each day in the United States?

  • 500 children
  • 1,000 children
  • 2,000 children

What percentage of American parents would have trouble describing their child to law enforcement?

  • 10 percent
  • 20 percent
  • 30 percent

A child should carry an ID card at all times. Who else should have a copy of the child ID card?

  • the child's parents
  • the police
  • the child's school

How can you best prevent your child from going missing in a big crowd?

  • have a family plan
  • put your child on a rope or leash
  • both of the above

When traveling, your child should carry:

  • his own passport
  • photo identification
  • a piece of paper with his phone number

Besides basic identifying information, what other information may be included in a child ID card?

  • fingerprints and tooth prints
  • DNA, donor and medical information
  • both of the above

Children with ___________ benefit greatly from child ID cards.

  • autism
  • developmental disorders
  • both of the above

In addition to basic information, what other information should be included in your child's ID card if your child has a developmental disorder?

  • how to communicate with your child
  • how to make your child feel comfortable
  • both of the above