Quiz: Should you let your Children Bring Friends on Vacation?
by Staff
Should you allow your children to invite friends on a vacation? Take our quiz to help you decide whether to let your kids invite friends on a vacation.

What should you first decide before allowing your kids to invite a friend along on vacation?

  • whether to have an active vacation or a relaxing vacation
  • whether to invite a friend who is an only child
  • whether the vacation is to be family only

How should and your child decide which friend to invite on a vacation?

  • Make a list of which friends your child prefers.
  • Have your child name two friends, and then flip a coin to decide which one to invite.
  • The parent should decide which of your child's friends will be the best behaved.

Who is the ideal friend to take along on vacation?

  • the child whose parents can afford to spend the most
  • the one you and your child know best
  • the most well behaved child

What should you do if you are unfamiliar with your child's first choice of friend?

  • Bring him or her so you can get to know the child.
  • Invite the friend over more frequently and get to know the parents for next time.
  • Do a background check of the friend's parents.

When should you make it clear that you need financial assistance from your child's friend?

  • as soon as you invite the child
  • when you pick up the child to leave for vacation
  • when you bring the child back from vacation

What aspect of taking your child's friend along with you will make or break the vacation?

  • whether the child is clear on the rules and discipline for misbehaving
  • whether the child will be homesick
  • whether the child is fully vaccinated

What should the parents of the friend provide you regarding medical issues?

  • a copy of the child's health insurance card
  • a letter giving you permission to make medical decisions
  • both of the above

What do you need to provide to the parents of your child's friend before your trip?

  • a copy of your latest tax return
  • an itinerary and contact numbers
  • a statement that you will assume responsibility for the child

Even if the parents agree to contribute financially, what do you need to clarify?

  • who can decide how the child's money can be spent
  • that you might need more money after the trip
  • that you'll need an emergency credit card

If you have other children, what do you need to consider when inviting a friend on vacation?

  • how your other children will get along with the friend
  • whether your other children can also bring a friend
  • both of the above