The Ultimate Children's Rooms Designing Quiz
by Staff
Designing your children’s bedroom? Wondering how to combine attractive with practical, seeing that each stage of childhood comes with a whole host of different needs? Take our quiz and learn some great tips on the basic elements of design and how to create a unique and fun space for your kiddos.

What is a really important focus when designing a children's bedroom?

  • creating a sense of personal privacy for each child
  • ensuring there is maximum natural light
  • lots of storage area for their toys

Why are heavy window treatments not a good idea in a child's bedroom?

  • They collect dust and encourage children to hang off them.
  • They block sunlight.
  • They are too adult and austere for a child's room.

In a child's room, how should furniture be placed in relation to the doorway?

  • Do not place furniture near the door; swinging doors could damage or scratch the furniture.
  • Make sure there is a furniture-free pathway from the bed to the door.
  • The focal piece of furniture should be placed opposite the doorway.

What type of closet doors are best suited to a children's bedroom?

  • no doors, just a curtain on a rod
  • sliding doors
  • swinging doors

What is an inexpensive way to add color and pizzazz to a child's bedroom?

  • Paint the walls in vibrant colors.
  • Use a lot of washable fabric to make curtains, pillows, slip covers, bedding and fabric skirts.
  • Have a professional decorator select matching bedding and window treatments.

When converting an attic or basement into a playroom, what is the best color to paint the walls?

  • dark colors to hide dirt and fingerprints
  • bright colors to create a fun atmosphere
  • light, cool colors to make the room appear bigger and cooler

When converting an attic or basement into a playroom, what floor covering is recommended?

  • carpet, to protect the kids from bumps and bruises
  • vinyl tiles, to allow the easiest clean up from art projects and spills
  • wood, the most durable

What distinguishes an okay room from a wonderful room?

  • its color co-ordination
  • how child friendly it is
  • age and condition of the furniture

How can I know if an antique piece of furniture is painted with lead based paint?

  • You can't, so assume that it is.
  • Buy a swab testing kit from a home ware store.
  • Take it to a carpenter or home ware store and ask for their professional opinion.

What are the steps involved in refinishing a wood surface?

  • Strip it, prime it, apply two coats of paint, varnish.
  • Clean it, prime it, apply a coat of paint, varnish.
  • Clean it, strip off old paint, fill blemishes and holes with filler, prime it and apply two coats of paint.

What does an iron oxide primer do to a metal surface?

  • prevents rust
  • removes blemishes
  • makes it easier for paint or other coatings to adhere to its surface.

What is the best type of paint to use when painting plastic?

  • oil based paint
  • latex (water) based paint
  • spray paint

What is a great way to add some more personality to a room full of wooden furniture?

  • Paint the furniture in bold colors.
  • Add a piece of furniture, like a bed, chair, storage container, that is made from another material, like metal or wicker.
  • Varnish the furniture to a high gloss.

What is a good way to create a gender neutral color scheme?

  • Go for a nature inspired scheme.
  • Go for neutral colors like red, green and yellow.
  • You're unlikely to achieve it; boys and girls are distinctly different.

What is the essential first step when refinishing metal, wood or plastic furniture?

  • Prime it.
  • Strip off old paint.
  • Clean it.