Travel the World: China
by Staff
China is the most populous country in the world, but it hasn't been a major player in the world for a long time. That's all about to change, though -- the country that invented paper money has had the fastest-growing economy in the world for years.


  • the site of the biggest dam in the world
  • means "the city of eternal spring"
  • home of the main Olympic training facility in China


  • a holy city for the Manchu ethnic group
  • was probably founded during the 11th century B.C.
  • known as one of China's "Three Furnaces" for its hot weather


  • has the worst air quality of any Chinese city
  • the Los Angeles Times called it "China's party city" in 2006
  • was the capital of China during World War II

Zhoukoudian caves?

  • a secret hideout for Sun Yat Sen during the Xinhai Revolution
  • discovery place of the "Peking Man"
  • an underground tunnel system that was used by smugglers in World War II


  • a huge region that falls in both China and Russia
  • the birthplace of basketball superstar Yao Ming
  • one of the most densely populated areas in the world


  • was an important Japanese base in World War I
  • was a Portuguese colony until 1999
  • was a popular vacation destination for imperial families in the 19th century

Hangzhou Bay?

  • site of an enormous annual dragon boat regatta
  • a 22-mile bridge passes over it
  • site of the busiest shipping canal in the world

Burma Road?

  • played a crucial role in transportation of supplies into China
  • a superhighway between Shanghai and Hong Kong
  • an ancient road used as a pilgrimage route for Tibetan monks


  • the site of the country's biggest Chinese New Year celebration
  • the last city to fall during the Chinese Civil War
  • one end of the highest railway in the world

Beichuan county?

  • has the highest concentration of universities in the country
  • experienced destruction of about 80 percent of the buildings in the devastating earthquake on May 12, 2008
  • the site of an opium war in the 19th century