It's a Gas: Chlorine and Your Skin Quiz
by Staff
It may be difficult to avoid chlorine -- but do you know just how difficult? And if you think you can wash it away, think again. Test if you know the facts and fiction about how chlorine affects your skin.

How popular is the chemical chlorine in America?

  • in the top 5
  • in the top 10
  • in the top 50
  • in the top 100

Where might you come in contact with chlorine?

  • in your drinking water
  • in the shower
  • in your cleaning products
  • all of the above

What's the best way to protect your skin from chlorine while you shower?

  • Install a water softener.
  • Use a non-soap body cleanser.
  • Install a chlorine filter.

Which of these skin conditions can be directly caused by chlorine?

  • dry, flaky skin
  • acne
  • miliaria

What skin condition might you develop if you're allergic to chlorine?

  • rosacea
  • freckles
  • an itchy rash
  • melasma

True or false: Chlorine causes wrinkles.

  • true
  • false

Which is NOT a recommended treatment for skin damaged by chlorine?

  • corticosteroids
  • daily moisturizer
  • oatmeal baths
  • pre-swimming lotion

How does chlorine get into your skin?

  • hair follicles
  • sweat glands
  • oil glands
  • all of the above

What does chlorine strip from your skin?

  • stratum corneum
  • bacterial flora
  • skin's natural oils
  • all of the above

True or false: Chlorine can cause sinus problems in some people.

  • true
  • false