The Ultimate Choosing a 4X4 Truck Quiz
by Staff
Over the last 20 years, four-wheel-drive trucks have grown in popularity. There are so many models, in fact, that it may be difficult knowing how to pick one that's right for your needs. To get a better idea of how to choose the right vehicle, take this quiz.

What should your first concern be when considering a 4X4?

  • purpose
  • cost
  • gas consumption

Can any 4X4 vehicle be used for off-roading?

  • of course
  • not at all
  • depends

Is there an advantage to buying a well equipped used truck?

  • cost-effective
  • not really you don't know its condition
  • no, the insurance is higher

What is the key factor in choosing an off-roading truck?

  • good tires
  • engine size
  • reliable manufacturer

What is common to all these trucks in terms of power?

  • powerful engines
  • manual transmissions
  • diesel engines

How does the suspension feel on normal paved roads?

  • smooth
  • stiff
  • same as any car

What are skid plates?

  • advanced brake system
  • prevent skidding on wet roads
  • protect underside of vehicle

When is a locking differential most effective?

  • in sand
  • dry paved roads
  • downhill driving

What is a locking differential?

  • outside wheels spin more slowly
  • front wheels spin at a faster rate than the rear for better purchase
  • all wheels spin at same rate

Do off-road vehicles need to be specially adapted for the climate other than the normal preparations of any cars?

  • they do
  • they are meant for all terrain and all weather use
  • just the tires

What is essential in a cold climate?

  • powerful battery
  • efficient heating system
  • good windscreen wipers

What would make the engine start easier?

  • higher output alternator
  • heavy duty starter
  • engine block heater

What is needed in hot climates?

  • efficient air-conditioning
  • transmission fluid cooler
  • drum brake cooling system

How would you keep the engine from overheating?

  • avoid low gear driving
  • less use of the 4WD mechanism
  • larger radiator

What is one of the innovative safety features of the Dodge Ram 2500?

  • advanced anti skid brake system
  • side airbags
  • reinforced shock-absorbing cabin

What does the Enhanced Accident Response System do?

  • warns driver when he is too close to another vehicle
  • prevents overturning
  • unlocks doors and turns off fuel

What prevents or reduces injury to passengers?

  • ABS
  • rigid frames
  • traction control

What do the rollover sensors of the Toyota Tundra do?

  • warn of high obstacles under the vehicle
  • redistribute vehicle mass to prevent overturning
  • operate side airbags

What is the first thing that new 4X4 owners usually swap out?

  • tires
  • front winches
  • shock absorbers

Why happens in city driving on knobby off-road tires?

  • ride is smoother
  • gas consumption increases
  • ride is quieter