The Ultimate Choosing a Hunting Knife Quiz
by Staff
When choosing a hunting knife, bigger is not always better. It's most important to select the right knife for the job and one that has a grip that's comfortable for you. Take this quiz to learn about how to choose a hunting knife.

What is an advantage of a fixed blade?

  • stronger
  • safer
  • compact

What is a disadvantage of a fixed blade?

  • carried in a sheath
  • weaker
  • compact

What is a disadvantage of a folding knife?

  • compact
  • weak points
  • bulky

What prevents a folding knife from closing when you are using it?

  • locking mechanism
  • hold in a special way
  • neither answer

How many blades does a folding knife have?

  • one only
  • one or more
  • two or more

What new material is being used for knife handles?

  • wood
  • leather
  • rubber

What handle shape is the best?

  • thick and made from rubber
  • slim and made from wood
  • most comfortable for you

What is a common blade type?

  • clip point
  • skinning
  • both answers

What blade has a thin and well-defined point?

  • clip point
  • drop point
  • skinning

What blade is best for dressing and skinning animals, but not for all-around utility?

  • clip point
  • drop point
  • skinning

What type of tip does the drop tip blade have?

  • defined
  • not defined
  • serrated

What blade is excellent for skinning big game and as an all-around utility knife?

  • clip point
  • drip point
  • skinning

Why is a gut hook needed when dressing an animal?

  • prevent puncture of internal organ
  • prevent tearing of the skin
  • neither answer

What is the purpose of knife serrations?

  • small delicate work
  • heavy cutting jobs
  • both answers

What material makes a quality knife blade?

  • copper
  • carbon steel
  • sterling silver

What happens to a carbon steel blade if you don't take care of it?

  • rust
  • pit
  • tarnish

How do you treat carbon steel to prevent rust?

  • mineral oil
  • wax with silicon
  • surfboard wax

What type of blade stays sharp for a long time?

  • carbon steel blade
  • stainless steel blade
  • copper blade

What blades cost more?

  • carbon steel blades
  • stainless steel blades
  • same price

If your décor includes trophy mounts, what knife may you want to purchase?

  • capping knife
  • kukri knife
  • machete