Choosing an Assisted Living Facility Quiz
by Staff
Selecting among assisted living facilities takes a lot of research. You want to ensure that your loved ones are safe, happy and well cared for. So do you know how to discern which facilities are the best? Take our quiz and find out!

Where should an assisted living facility be located?

  • anywhere
  • in a brand new city so the senior can start a new life
  • close to family and friends

Why should the facility be licensed by the state?

  • Licensing ensures the facility is a good one.
  • Seniors may get financial help from the state.
  • Licensed facilities offer better services.

What's the best way to evaluate an assisted living facility?

  • talk to references
  • tour the facility
  • both of the above

Which facility is the best to choose?

  • old and established
  • relatively new
  • still under construction

What is medication management?

  • Employees ensure that seniors take their medications on the right days at the right times.
  • Employees check to be sure that there are no adverse effects from drug interactions.
  • both of the above

When evaluating assisted living facilities, how should you take current residents into account?

  • They should seem happy, healthy and willing to accept new friends.
  • They don't give an accurate indication of how your loved one will do at the facility.
  • They should be people the senior already knows.

What is continuing care?

  • when a facility provides care after surgery
  • when a facility offers varying levels of care, as needs change, in one facility
  • when a facility offers care even if the senior moves away

If a senior has dementia or Alzheimer's, what should the facility offer?

  • an enclosed patio and garden areas to prevent wandering
  • 24/7 staffing
  • both of the above

Food choices at an assisted living facility are what?

  • completely unpredictable
  • at some facilities, can be specially cooked according to a menu of the senior's creation
  • always fixed menus

The ideal assisted living facility has a priority to care for what?

  • the body
  • the mind and spirit
  • all of the above