Choosing the Perfect Family Camping Site Quiz
by Staff
You've done your research, picked your gear and packed your car, but one wrong move can ruin your trip before you hit the road. Do you know how to pick an ideal camp site for your family? Take this quiz and see.

Who usually operates campgrounds?

  • State and local governments
  • Private businesses
  • Both of the above

How far should an inexperienced family travel for a camping trip?

  • Drive no more than a few hours so you arrive in plenty of time to set up camp.
  • Stick to the backyard so you can go inside the house if there are problems.
  • Drive a few hundred miles so you really get away from it all.

Which tend to be less costly, public or private campgrounds?

  • They are usually about the same price.
  • Private
  • Public

When it comes to amenities, what is the bare minimum that a campground should offer?

  • Electricity at every site, cable TV and a pool
  • Whatever your family prefers
  • Flush toilets, a dog park and a store

If price is no object, what's the very best place for a family camping in a tent?

  • One with roomy, reasonably level and drained tent sites, and the amenities you prefer
  • A high-priced park catering to RVs
  • It doesn't matter; you can pitch a tent anywhere.

The campground you choose should cater to what kinds of families?

  • Mostly adults. Kids are too noisy.
  • Families with children similar in age to yours
  • Retired couples

What's a good thing to take along to entertain the kids?

  • Video games
  • Drum set
  • Bicycle

What wild animal is unlikely to raid your campsite in the continental U.S.?

  • Carolina parakeet
  • Wild pony
  • Black bear

What might lurk in tall grasses edging campsites?

  • Ticks
  • Chiggers
  • Both of the above

What are chiggers?

  • Poisonous lizards
  • Larvae of mites
  • Tiny bugs that burrow under your skin

Which is NOT a good thing to camp in the vicinity of?

  • A military airbase with flights every few minutes
  • An amusement park or museum to visit on a rainy day
  • A lake, ocean or river

What's the best way to choose a specific campsite?

  • Have the kids randomly choose a number.
  • Walk or drive through the campground, noting details.
  • Just look at the map.

What's the best thing about a camp site near the ocean, if you're at the beach during the summer?

  • Ocean breezes will keep mosquitoes away.
  • Because there's no shade, you can enjoy the sun all day long.
  • High tide might come right up to your tent

How close should you camp to the water source?

  • As close as possible
  • As far away as possible
  • Close enough for easy carrying, but not right by the source

How close should you camp to the bathroom?

  • Right beside it so you don't have far to walk
  • A reasonable distance so you're not bothered by foot traffic and noise
  • Decide based on your family's needs

There's no street light near your campsite. What should you do?

  • Demand another site near an outside light.
  • Take advantage of the darkness by enjoying star-gazing.
  • Light all your lanterns and flashlights and turn on the vehicle headlights.

Where are good sites in relation to the campground road?

  • On a quiet stretch where children can ride bikes safely
  • Near an entrance or exit
  • Near a parking area for a major park attraction

Which is a potential nuisance to avoid near a campsite?

  • A shade tree
  • An RV with a generator
  • A stand of wildflowers

In chilly weather, where is the best place to camp on a hill?

  • At the bottom
  • Midway up
  • At the summit

What sort of shade is ideal at most campsites in temperate weather?

  • No shade
  • Deep shade all day
  • Morning sun and afternoon shade