The Ultimate Choosing a Mountain Bike Quiz
by Staff
Mountain bikes aren't restricted to negotiating tough terrain in the mountains. People use mountain bikes for long weekend rides and daily commutes as well. Today, numerous manufacturers produce a wide range of mountain bikes. Take this quiz to learn more about choosing the right mountain bike for you.

When is the right time to buy a mountain bike?

  • September
  • October
  • January

Apart from factors such as features weight, and cost, what else is important when choosing a mountain bike?

  • design
  • maintenance
  • accessories

What is the simplest way to choose a mountain bike size?

  • Take a rough guess.
  • Take a survey of friends.
  • Take a test ride.

Which bike frame material is suitable for intermediate bikers?

  • aluminum
  • carbon fiber
  • titanium

Which shape of bike frame is ideal for beginners and intermediate mountain bikers?

  • oval frame
  • diamond frame
  • pentagon frame

How do you make your basic mountain bike easy to upgrade?

  • Get a titanium alloy frame.
  • Get ready to spend money on reshaping the frame.
  • Get a frame with mounting spaces for optional equipment.

Which is the right suspension type for first-time mountain bikers?

  • seat suspension
  • rear suspension
  • front suspension

What are the right type of brakes for biking in wet and muddy terrain?

  • disc brakes
  • rim brakes
  • power brakes

What factor is not important in choosing an ideal saddle for your bike?

  • shape and size of the seat
  • seat brand
  • proper adjustment

What type of top tube (the tube that runs from the seat to the front of the bike) is ideal for all mountain bikers?

  • straight
  • sloped
  • jagged

How is a mountain bike different from a road bike?

  • It has a lighter frame and smaller tires.
  • It has a titanium frame and thinner tires.
  • It has a smaller, more rugged frame and wider tires.

When did mountain biking competitions start?

  • 1970s and 80s
  • 1950s and 60s
  • 1930s and 40s

What is the best way to decide which mountain bike to buy?

  • Match your budget to your needs.
  • Match your needs to your budget.
  • Match your budget to your ambition.

Where shouldn't you buy a low-budget mountain bike?

  • At a recommended shop.
  • At the local special bikes store.
  • At a big box store or online.

What material are frames of low-end bikes made of?

  • high-tensile steel
  • chromoly steel
  • carbon fiber

What material are frames of competition mountain bikes made of?

  • high-tensile steel
  • carbon fiber
  • aluminum

What bike frame material is also an alloy like high-tensile steel?

  • aluminum
  • carbon fiber
  • chromoly steel

What do you call a bike with a front suspension but no rear suspension?

  • hardtail
  • suspension fork bike
  • full-suspension bike

What kind of bike riders usually go for rear suspensions?

  • urban bikers
  • mountain bikers
  • weekend bikers

Which type of rear suspension is commonly used nowadays?

  • unified rear triangle (URT) design
  • full-suspension design
  • raised low pivot (RLP) design