The Ultimate Choosing a Rental Car Quiz
by Staff
Having a rental car on your trip can make getting around a lot easier, but choosing one can be a hassle. There are many agencies and many cars to choose from. See what you know about choosing a rental car by taking this quiz and pick up some handy tips along the way.

What is the term given to beneficial stress?

  • distress
  • eustress
  • express

What sort of cars can you rent from rental car agencies?

  • family cars only
  • convertibles only
  • any car

What should you consider before renting a convertible?

  • the weather
  • your hair
  • the terrain

Why is it best to decide what type of car you will need earlier in the planning process?

  • You will have more car options.
  • You should decide your itinerary based on your car.
  • You might forget to reserve a car if you leave it too late.

What do you need to be careful of when renting a car in Europe?

  • Check that the quoted price is in dollars.
  • Make sure the steering wheel is on the correct side.
  • Make sure the car is big enough.

What is a problem with large sized cars?

  • They are generally tall.
  • They consume a lot of gas.
  • They have lots of space.

Which is the most commonly rented car in the USA?

  • compact cars
  • mid-sized cars
  • large cars

Which type of transmission do most rental cars in the U.S. have?

  • automatic
  • manual
  • tiptronic

What ultimately decides which car you will get?

  • what is available on the day
  • what the weather is on the day
  • how nice the rental agency representative is

In which of the following countries does the driver sit on the right?

  • Italy
  • Canada
  • Ireland