The Ultimate Choosing Safe Rest Stops Quiz
by Staff
It is very important to take breaks when driving for a long time, since fatigue on the roads can be deadly. Rest areas are good places to stretch your legs and use the facilities. But they aren't always the safest places to be. See what you know about choosing a safe rest stop by taking this quiz.

When was the U.S. Interstate Highway System created?

  • 1940s
  • 1950s
  • 1960s

When was the first policy regarding rest areas written?

  • 1958
  • 1964
  • 1968

What sort of reputation do rest areas have today?

  • unsafe
  • useful
  • clean

How should you act in a rest area?

  • Remain alert.
  • Have a nap.
  • Be friendly to people.

What should you take note of as you drive into a rest area as a safety precaution?

  • whether there are toilets
  • the name of the stop
  • how many cars there are

Where is an advisable place to park in a rest area?

  • behind a truck
  • behind a toilet
  • in an open space

What sort of rest area should you look for as a safety precaution?

  • a big one
  • a crowded one
  • a well-lit area

Who is a good person to ask to watch out for you while you are at a rest area?

  • people hanging around there
  • security officers
  • nobody

When is the most dangerous time to be in a rest area?

  • morning
  • afternoon
  • night

If you are alone, where might be a better place to stop than a rest area?

  • a gas station
  • pull over on a highway
  • an intersection

Where can you find out which are safe rest areas?

  • Ask your friends.
  • Check the Interstate Travel Guide book.
  • See what sort of vibe the rest area has when you get there.

How can you keep your car safe when you are in a rest area?

  • Keep the lights off.
  • Stay in the car.
  • Lock the doors.

What should you do as a safety precaution if you need to use the facilities in a rest area?

  • Go with someone.
  • Bring your own toilet paper.
  • Bring hand sanitizer.

While on a trip, where should you avoid sleeping overnight?

  • campgrounds
  • state parks
  • rest areas

What should you do if you feel threatened while in a rest area?

  • Lock the doors.
  • Drive away.
  • Call the police.