No, Really: Christmas Bathroom Decoration Quiz
by Staff
Christmas bathroom decorations can range from subtle to over the top. Whether you favor a hint of holiday colors or elaborately themed bathroom decor, it's important to do a little planning before you hit the store. Are you ready to deck the halls?

Which of these isn't a good Christmas bathroom decoration?

  • Santa Claus towels
  • holiday lights strung along the shower curtain rod
  • a bath mat shaped like a reindeer

When decorating the bathroom for Christmas, how far is too far?

  • matching, themed towels, a shower curtain, accessories and a bath mat
  • a holiday mural painted on the wall
  • a Santa Claus toilet seat cover

When making your own countertop Christmas decorations, which material should you think twice about using?

  • organic materials, like sticks and pinecones
  • fabric
  • decorative papers

Which of these isn't a real Christmas bathroom decoration?

  • a tank insert to dye toilet water red or green
  • reindeer toilet paper
  • a Santa Claus toilet seat cover

Which design is best for a Christmas shower curtain?

  • red and green polka dots
  • Frosty the Snowman holding a roll of toilet paper outside an outhouse (this actually exists!)
  • either of the above

If you're going for a more understated Christmas theme, which of these hand towels would be the best fit?

  • red, green and white plaid
  • red and white striped
  • white towels printed with pictures of reindeer

When shopping for Christmas bathroom decorations, it's a good idea to:

  • mix your themes for an eclectic look
  • keep things like wall and tile color in mind
  • follow your instincts at the store

When choosing Christmas decorations for a small child's bathroom, which of these is less than ideal?

  • any decoration with small, detachable parts
  • a life-sized Santa or elf doll
  • both of the above