The Ultimate Cleaning Glass with Newspaper Quiz
by Staff
There is a gray haze around your house and isn't because of pollution. It's because your windows are long overdue for a cleaning. But before you grit your teeth in frustration and declare that you don't do windows, take our quiz and learn about the secret tool for streak free, shiny windows: newspapers.

What do many people use to clean windows?

  • paper towels
  • old undershirts
  • a soapy sponge

What do some people say is the best method for cleaning windows?

  • rubbing with an alcohol soaked undershirt
  • using newspapers moistened with a vinegar and water solution
  • hiring a professional window cleaner

Why are newspapers a good choice?

  • They are cheap and recyclable.
  • They are chemical free, unlike harsh cleaning solvents.
  • People are always looking for ways to get rid of them.

What weather conditions are ideal for cleaning windows?

  • sunny days
  • rainy days
  • cloudy days

What is sizing?

  • window trimming
  • the cropping of printed material to make it fit into the newspaper's borders
  • material added to paper to make it water absorbent

Why does newspaper ink not transfer to the window?

  • The vinegar in the cleaning solution dries it out.
  • Glass is a slick, non porous surface.
  • The ink is made especially not to transfer.

What is one theory about why newspapers make a great window cleaning tool?

  • It has a sandpaper like texture which cuts through dirt.
  • It is just one of those things.
  • It doesn't have fibers that leave lint streaks.

What is ink made of today?

  • vegetable base
  • oil
  • petroleum

What are other effective tools to clean windows with?

  • regular paper
  • a scrubbing brush
  • a squeegee

What is a downside to using newspapers as a cleaning tool?

  • Ink can transfer to the window trimmings or your hands.
  • Someone may not have read it yet.
  • Once wet, it must be discarded and not recycled.