The Ultimate Cleaning Glass Without Streaks Quiz
by Staff
Window cleaning can be one frustrating experience if you've worked up a real sweat rubbing, only to look up and see sunlight-blocking streaks! But don't despair! Take our quiz and get tips for cleaning glass without streaks.

What is the most important factor in preventing streaks on glass?

  • The direction you wipe in.
  • The tools you use.
  • The amount of pressure you apply.

What is a chemical free material that works great as a glass cleaner?

  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • lemon juice

What ratio of vinegar and water should you use?

  • one part vinegar to one part water
  • one part vinegar to three parts water
  • one part vinegar to four parts water

When doing heavy duty cleaning with soap, how can you prevent streaks?

  • Use a minimal amount of soap.
  • Use laundry soap as opposed to dishwashing soap.
  • Use hot water, not cold.

What is the worst material to use on a window or mirror?

  • paper towel
  • a microfiber cloth
  • newspaper

When using newspaper, what should you be careful to do?

  • Don't rub too vigorously, or the newspaper will deteriorate.
  • Make sure it is a newspaper that has already been read.
  • Make sure to wear gloves.

If after wiping with newspaper, your windows are still streaky, what can you do?

  • try again
  • scream
  • buff

How often should you clean your windows and mirrors?

  • regularly
  • monthly
  • annually

What is the best material to use to buff?

  • a chamois
  • an old undershirt
  • newspaper

What kind of water should be used when diluting glass cleaner?

  • boiled water
  • distilled water
  • tap water