The Ultimate Cleaning Glass-Top Stoves Quiz
by Staff
A glass cook top is stylish and works efficiently, but takes a lot of care. Take our quiz and find out how to maintain a glass top stove.

What is an advantage of a glass top stove?

  • You don't need to take the stove apart to clean it.
  • It is cheaper than regular stoves.
  • It is more energy efficient than a traditional stove.

What is the most important rule for cleaning your glass top stove?

  • Never use melamine cleaning pads (magic foam) on the surface.
  • Less is more.
  • Wipe up spills immediately.

What do sugary spills do to a glass top stove?

  • They discolor it.
  • They pit or crack it.
  • They harden and become impossible to remove.

What should you use to clean your glass top stove?

  • soap and water
  • specialized ceramic cook top cleaners
  • oven cleaner

What does a routine cleaning of a glass top stove involve?

  • a wipe with a paper towel and ceramic cook top cleanser
  • lots of elbow grease
  • a wipe with a dry cleaning pad

What is the most expensive type of glass top stove?

  • gas on glass
  • electric
  • induction range

What precaution do you need to take when cooking?

  • Do not use too big a flame.
  • Do not let liquid dry out.
  • Do not allow things to over boil.

What type of cookware is not recommended for use on a glass top stove?

  • ceramic
  • cast iron
  • stainless steel

What type of cookware uses energy most efficiently?

  • flat bottomed
  • good quality stainless steel
  • ceramic

Why is it problematic if you have a pitted or cracked glass stove top?

  • It looks ugly.
  • Germs can get in.
  • Spills will seep into the heating elements and cause an electric shock.