The Ultimate Cleaning Glass Windows Quiz
by Staff
Many a housewife has declared, at some point in her life, "I don't do windows." And that makes sense when you think of just how many windows an average house has, that windows need to be cleaned both inside and out and that some windows are in pretty inaccessible places. But don't give up so fast! Take our quiz and get some advice on how to make window cleaning less of a daunting task.

In what direction should you wash your windows?

  • left to right
  • left to right on the outside, right to left on the inside
  • the direction doesn't matter, just do one direction on the inside and one on the outside

What is an advantage of using a home made window cleaner?

  • It usually works better.
  • It has fewer chemicals.
  • If you run out, you can always make up some more.

Which products are more popular, store bought or homemade?

  • store bought
  • home made
  • roughly equal

What are some ingredients of home made window cleaning solutions?

  • methylated spirits
  • baking soda
  • vinegar

How can you save time when cleaning windows?

  • Dust the window before applying cleaning solution.
  • Vacuum the nooks and crannies and sills first.
  • Use very hot water.

How can you help avoid streaking your windows?

  • Avoid washing your windows on a sunny day.
  • Avoid washing your windows on a cloudy day.
  • Avoid washing your windows on a rainy day.

What kind of windows are best suited to cleaning with a squeegee?

  • Windows made of rippled glass.
  • Windows with large panes.
  • Windows with small panes.

What is essential to get a streak-free result?

  • paper towels
  • to use hot water
  • a dry cloth

What is a common way to clean windows?

  • Using a sponge and water or a cleaning product and a cloth.
  • Doing all the insides first, then the outsides.
  • Hiring a professional window cleaner.

How often should windows be cleaned?

  • once a week
  • once a month
  • once a year