The Ultimate Cleaning Home Air Filters Quiz
by Staff
It's essential to routinely replace your air filters to maintain good air quality in your home and to protect your heating system. The variety of choices of air filters in large hardware stores can be overwhelming. Take this quiz and find the right air filter for your needs.

Where is the air filter in your home positioned?

  • in the vent closest to your front door
  • in the vent where air is sucked into your heating system
  • in the basement vent

What is the main purpose of an air filter?

  • to protect your heating system
  • to clean your air
  • to clean your vents

How can airborne particles damage your heating system?

  • Airborne particles clog up the coils.
  • Airborne particles interrupt the flow of hot air.
  • Airborne particles erode the metal components of the heating system.

You can now buy special air filters that can also improve the quality of the air in your home. What do these special air filters catch?

  • smoke particles, dust and pollen
  • pet dander, mold spores and bacteria
  • both of the above

The air quality of your home can be up to ________ times worse than outdoor air quality.

  • two to five times
  • five to seven times
  • seven to ten times

What should you consider when purchasing a new air filter?

  • filter size
  • the type of air filter
  • both of the above

What is the most economical air filter?

  • fiberglass air filters
  • spun glass air filters
  • either of the above

What type of air filter should you consider purchasing if you want to remove a variety of air impurities from the air?

  • pleated filters
  • spun glass air filters
  • either of the above

How often should you replace a pleated air filter?

  • every month
  • every three months
  • every six months

What is the best type of air filter for filtering out air-born particles?

  • pleated air filters
  • spun glass air filters
  • electrostatic filter

If you suffer from allergies, consider purchasing a(n) _____________ filter.

  • electrostatic filter
  • pleated air filter
  • spun glass air filter

You should check a filter's MERV before purchase. What does MERV stand for?

  • most efficient report value
  • minimum efficiency reporting value
  • maximum effort register value

What is the recommended MERV for an air filter?

  • 3
  • 5
  • 10

What percentage of particles does an air filter remove if it has a MERV rating of six?

  • 50 percent
  • 60 percent
  • 70 percent

Which of the following is the smallest airborne particle?

  • dust mites
  • pollen
  • smoke

What is the typical MERV rating of fiberglass filters?

  • 1
  • 5
  • 6

As your filter gets dirty, the MERV rating:

  • goes down
  • stays the same
  • goes up

How will you know if your air filter needs to be changed?

  • The filter changes color.
  • The filter looks visibly dirty.
  • The indicator strip informs you.

What does a dirty air filter look like?

  • black
  • ash-gray
  • brown

What should you do if you don't think your air filter is functioning properly?

  • Check to see that it fits properly.
  • Make sure that it is not upside down.
  • both of the above