The Ultimate Cleaning Tips Quiz
by Staff
Don’t let household chores overwhelm you. Try some simple cleaning tips to help you work smart, not hard. Take this quiz to see how good your cleaning knowledge is.

What kind of calendar may help you stay on top of your household chores?

  • holiday
  • cleaning
  • appointment

How should you arrange your household chores?

  • by room
  • by frequency
  • both answers

What kind of chores may be appropriate for small children?

  • dusting
  • putting away toys
  • both answers

How can you make house cleaning a family game?

  • Give prizes.
  • Make rules.
  • neither answer

Why may working with cleaning products be inappropriate for children?

  • harmful ingredients
  • against child safety rules
  • neither answer

How can you make hard jobs, like vacuuming behind the couch, easier?

  • Get a partner.
  • Hire a cleaning company.
  • Don't clean behind the couch.

What should be cleaned first?

  • floor
  • ceiling fan
  • coffee table

What should be cleaned last?

  • floor
  • ceiling light fixture
  • coffee table

Where does dust settle?

  • upwards
  • downwards
  • neither answer

For dad, what may be a good room to clean?

  • garage
  • kitchen
  • bathroom

When house cleaning, how can you save steps?

  • clean one room at a time
  • clean randomly
  • neither answer

Who should clean children's rooms?

  • mom
  • dad
  • children

How can you create more space in your closets?

  • Dispose of unused items.
  • Buy more clothes.
  • Put shoes in boxes.

What should you do with items you don't want anymore?

  • Donate to charity.
  • Throw them away.
  • Store them in the garage.

When is the best time to organize your closets?

  • at the end of a season
  • every new year
  • anytime is the best time