The Ultimate Climbing Gear Quiz
by Staff
Having the right climbing gear can make all the difference between an enjoyable, challenging climb and disaster. Learn more about climbing rope, shoes, crampons, ice axes, harnesses, crash pads, belay and rappelling devices by taking this quiz.

In which form of climbing are you no more than a dozen feet from the ground?

  • bouldering
  • ice climbing
  • deep water solo climbing

Which among these is the most dangerous form of climbing?

  • bouldering
  • solo climbing
  • gym climbing

What is the most versatile length for a climbing rope?

  • 15 meters
  • 30 meters
  • 60 meters

What is the outer cover of climbing rope called?

  • sheath
  • tail
  • core

What type of climbing ropes are ideal for big walls and extreme use?

  • twin ropes
  • workhouse singles
  • static ropes

What type of climbing rope is lightweight and ideal for very long or difficult climbs?

  • static ropes
  • workhouse singles
  • skinny singles

What type of climbing ropes are lightweight and ideal for ice climbs and straight non-wandering rock climbs?

  • twin ropes
  • workhouse singles
  • double ropes

What type of climbing ropes are used in situations when you don't want the rope to stretch?

  • workhouse singles
  • static ropes
  • double ropes

What type of climbing ropes can be used in any form of climbing?

  • double ropes
  • static ropes
  • all-round singles

What is the first shoe most climbers choose?

  • all-day comfort shoes
  • suede shoes
  • cowboy boots

What kind of climbing shoe uppers let your feet breathe and absorb sweat better?

  • Uppers made from leather.
  • Uppers made from new synthetic materials.
  • Uppers made from carbon fiber.

What kind of shoe closure system do most experienced climbers and trainees use?

  • hoop and loop
  • lace up
  • slippers

What are the hanging tents used by big wall climbers also known as?

  • portaledges
  • portapotties
  • portacabins

What are metallic attachments to climbing shoes, used for extra traction when you're climbing on snow and ice, called?

  • slippers
  • crampons
  • stirrups

What kind of climbing harnesses are good for all kinds of climbing and all kinds of body types and budgets?

  • gym harnesses
  • body harnesses
  • all around harnesses

What kind of climbing harnesses are good for kids and adults with thin waists?

  • body harnesses
  • big wall harnesses
  • chest harnesses

What should you use to secure the ice axe to your hand?

  • stirrup
  • leash
  • harness

What is it called when one climber secures the rope for another climber as he ascends?

  • spiking
  • rappelling
  • belaying

What do climbers use to reduce the impact from falls during bouldering, sport climbing, and other tricky situations?

  • crash pads
  • big wall harnesses
  • leashes

Which organization tests climbing gear to help ensure a safe climb and long-lasting, durable equipment?

  • The International Olympic Association (IOA)
  • The International Federation of Mountaineering Associations (UIAA)
  • The Mount Everest Climbers Association