The Ultimate Closet Design Quiz
by Staff
Closet organization may be an overwhelming prospect for most people. Fitting all your items in a space that seems too small is daunting. Baskets, shelving, extra rods and drawers can help you create an amazing closet. Take this quiz to see how much you know about designing a closet.

Why are transparent containers with lids an excellent storage choice for children's toys?

  • Children will be able see what is in each container.
  • Containers come in many sizes to accommodate small and large toys.
  • Both answers are correct.

To get the most out of a toy storage system, what is a good rule to follow?

  • Before a new box is opened, the last box must be packed up and put away.
  • Sing a song every time a new box is opened.
  • Color coordinate the toys in separate boxes.

What closet items are available just for children?

  • child-size hangers
  • child-size shoe stretchers
  • child-size tie rack

What is the best reason to remove a belt from clothing before you hang the garment?

  • Clothing may stretch if belted while hanging.
  • A belt may be difficult to locate if hidden by the garment.
  • The belt may loose shape if not stored properly.

How can you eliminate wrinkles from hanging blouses?

  • Button at least the top two buttons.
  • Before dressing, steam all the wrinkles away.
  • Have all the blouses professionally ironed.

What is the proper way to store purses?

  • Store all purses upright.
  • Close all snaps, buttons, zippers or buckles.
  • Both answers are good storage tips.

How can you prevent small items from slipping through wire basket kitchen drawers?

  • Replace with solid material baskets.
  • Line the bottom of the basket with a firm material.
  • Do not store small item in the baskets.

How should items be organized to have a visible and accessible kitchen pantry?

  • Store like items together .
  • Store items willy-nilly.
  • Store items by size.

What is seasonal clothing?

  • Items that are worn during only at certain times are seasonal.
  • Old clothing items are seasonal.
  • Formal clothing items are seasonal.

Why should you store seasonal items in vinyl bags?

  • protection from dirt
  • protection from dust
  • both answers

Where should you store your everyday outerwear?

  • Hang in the coat closet.
  • Throw over a chair.
  • Hang on a coat rack.

What is a storage solution for mittens and gloves?

  • clear vinyl container
  • basket
  • both answers

Other than coats, what others uses do coat racks have?

  • Coat racks can be used for any hanging items.
  • Coat racks are just for coats.
  • Coat racks are just a décor item.

What should teenage girls do with all their costume jewelry?

  • Use an accessory board to organize jewelry.
  • Put jewelry in a drawer with hair accessories.
  • Store jewelry on top of the dresser or desk.

What is the first step to organizing your closet?

  • After removing all items from the closet, group similar items together.
  • After removing all items from the closet, group similar colors together.
  • After removing all items from the closet, group items by season.

Where should you store everyday items like robes and sleepwear?

  • storage hooks on the inside of the closet door
  • folded in a drawer
  • on the edge of the bed

How should boots be stored?

  • upright
  • folded
  • both answers

Why should hangers face the same direction?

  • to save space
  • to look nicer
  • to save time when removing clothing

When choosing a storage solution for your teenager, what should you keep in mind?

  • Make sure your goals are realistic.
  • Girls and boys have the same needs.
  • Teenagers will use the new system.

Why shouldn't you store items on the floor?

  • Cleaning the floor will be difficult.
  • Items should be at eye level.
  • You can't see things on the floor.