Used shoes, socks and skirts: How much do you know about clothing swaps?
by Staff
Clothing swaps are becoming a popular way to change your wardrobe for free. See if you have what it takes to be the hostess with the mostess at your next swap, and help save the earth while you're at it. Test your knowledge on clothing swaps, recycling and trading etiquette and see how you score!

When planning a clothing swap you should _______.

  • Include several full-length mirrors in the changing area.
  • Make sure everyone has at least one similar-sized person to trade with.
  • both of the above

According to USA Today, what percentage of adults said buying used items is more “socially acceptable” than in the past?

  • 60 percent
  • 70 percent
  • 80 percent

How much money does the average American spend on clothing each year?

  • $700
  • $1,700
  • $2,700

How many people should you invite to your swap?

  • Keep it simple -- keep the swap to six friends or less.
  • You should try to invite at least a dozen people.
  • It's your swap, and you can invite as many people as you want!

Suzanne Agasi, founder of Clothing Swap, Inc., averages how many swappers at one of her high-profile clothing swap events?

  • 150 to 200
  • 200 to 250
  • 250 to 300

How can you help assure that unwanted pests, like bedbugs and lice, don’t make an appearance at your clothing swap?

  • Ask that guests bring only clothes have been washed in hot water.
  • Request that all clothing be freshly washed and dried on high heat.
  • Require guests to inspect clothing for bugs before the swap takes place.

USAgain, a textile recycling company, reported that they collected how many million pounds of unwanted clothing in 2010?

  • 26
  • 36
  • 56

True or false: You can trade kids' clothes at an adult-focused clothing swap.

  • true
  • false
  • It's up to the host.

In November 2011, how many pairs of discarded shoes were collected and recycled by an 11-year-old Ohio native?

  • 916 pairs of shoes
  • 1,916 pairs of shoes
  • 2,916 pairs of shoes

People in the U.S. toss out close to 13 million tons of textile waste every year. On average, how much of this is collected for reuse?

  • 10 percent
  • 15 percent
  • 25 percent

Which major shoe company has collected more than 25 million pairs of used athletic shoes since 1990?

  • Puma
  • Nike
  • Reebok

Your collection of sweaters weren’t chosen at a clothing swap; how can you reuse them?

  • as socks
  • as a quilt
  • You can't reuse them. They're destined for a landfill.

Should you organize clothing before a swap by dress size?

  • Yes; guests will appreciate how easy it is to find their size.
  • No; not all brands follow the same size chart.
  • Maybe; it depends on the size of the swap.

Which Web site does NOT allow users trade gently used garments?


What time of year is best to host a clothing swap?

  • winter
  • spring
  • fall

What does clothing swap etiquette say you should do if you and another swapper are both interested in the same item?

  • Ask a third party to decide who wears the item best.
  • Toss a coin and call heads or tails.
  • Abide by the first touch rule.

How many pounds of clothing were donated to charity at the end of a May 2011 Portland, Ore., clothing swap?

  • 500
  • 750
  • 1,000

What is a simple, easy way to raise money for charity at a clothing swap?

  • Charge guests $5 to $20 at the door.
  • Instead of swapping items, ask guests to pay for them.
  • Bid on the most expensive clothing item.

Which clothing swap Web site is a non-profit organization?


Recycling is good for the environment, but what is one of the benefits it has on a community?

  • Recycling helps communities stay clean, improving community morale.
  • Communities that recycle often have lower crime rates, too.
  • Recycling lowers the demand for energy from natural resources.