The Ultimate CO2-powered Dragster Quiz
by Staff
Auto racing is an expensive and technically complex hobby, but it can be just as fun when it's scaled down to where the car can fit in your hand. CO2 dragster racing lets you do just that. Think you have what it takes to build a CO2 dragster? Let's find out!

Fill in the blank. CO2 dragster racing is often called "______ on steroids."

  • the Pinewood Derby
  • slot car racing

What powers CO2 dragsters?

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Nitrous oxide
  • A tiny gasoline engine

On a 65.5-foot track, how fast can a CO2 racer potentially travel?

  • 70 miles per hour (112.7 kilometers per hour)
  • 30 miles per hour (48.3 kilometers per hour)
  • 200 miles per hour (321.9 kilometers per hour)

CO2 dragster kits usually include the following items:

  • A complete and painted car
  • A CO2 cartridge and nothing else
  • A wedge-shaped block of wood, a set of plastic wheels, axles to put the wheels on and a small CO2 cartridge

CO2 dragsters are designed to look like:

  • Formula 1 cars
  • Whatever the designer chooses
  • Drag racing cars

What is the most important factor that affects how fast your CO2 dragster will race?

  • Friction
  • Mass
  • Thrust

How do you test for the effects of drag on your CO2 racer?

  • Use a wind tunnel
  • Use a computer
  • It's impossible to test for drag on something that small.

The carbon dioxide cartridge is also known as:

  • A blast can
  • A carbon rocket
  • A soda bulb

The propulsion caused by gas escaping from the CO2 cartridge is called:

  • Thrust
  • Lift
  • Momentum

The resistive force of the air pushing against the car's body as it races down the track is called:

  • Momentum
  • Potential energy
  • Drag

Fill in the blank. It's Newton's ______ law that's responsible for the gas rapidly escaping from the CO2 cartridge to push the car down the track.

  • first
  • second
  • third

Fill in the blanks. Since the cartridges contain an equal amount of gas being released at the same speeds, the car that wins the race is the one that is the ______ and ______.

  • heaviest; most stable
  • best painted; best decorated
  • lightest; most aerodynamic

The second most important physical force in CO2 dragster racing is:

  • Drag
  • Friction
  • Thrust

How do you overcome friction when designing and building your CO2 dragster?

  • Add more paint
  • Use spoilers and body add-ons
  • Make sure the moving parts are free to rotate and don't rub on the body

How does the racing actually happen with CO2 dragsters?

  • They're hooked up to a launch pod which breaks the CO2 cartridge seal on all cars at the same moment.
  • They're rolled downhill and the CO2 cartridge activates automatically.
  • The CO2 stream is trigged by remote control.

What can students learn from doing CO2 dragster racing in their science classes?

  • Friction, inertia and mass
  • Newton's Laws of Physics
  • All of the above

CO2 dragster racing is most similar to the real-life form of racing called ______.

  • Formula 1
  • Drag racing
  • Rally car racing

What do you look for when you put the car into a wind tunnel?

  • As many swirls as possible
  • The speed of the air flow
  • A smooth flow of air

Why is a wind tunnel so helpful in testing for drag?

  • Airflow is hard to measure with the naked eye
  • Computer models are inaccurate
  • Wind tunnels are actually not helpful at all

How do you insert the CO2 cartridge into your dragster's body?

  • You must drill them yourself
  • The holes come pre-drilled
  • All of the above