The Ultimate Coffee Maker Quiz
by Staff
Think your local coffeehouse charges too much for a cup of joe? Take this quiz to learn about coffee and how to choose a coffee maker that has the features you want to make that perfect cup!

What type of coffee maker is the most popular?

  • drip coffee
  • coffee press
  • percolator

When was the first automatic drip coffee maker invented?

  • 1970
  • 1972
  • 1975

Which is the most common variety of coffee bean?

  • Indonesian beans
  • Arabica beans
  • Brazilian beans

Coffee beans grow best in which climate conditions?

  • wet and cool
  • dry and cool
  • wet and warm

What is the ideal storage method for coffee?

  • in an airtight container away from light and heat
  • in the freezer
  • in the refrigerator

What ultraconvenient coffee maker feature do sleepyheads depend on to get them out of bed in the morning?

  • alarm clock
  • programmable timer
  • wake-up call

What factor do coffee experts say makes the French press a superior method for brewing coffee?

  • It allows for the most control over temperature and brewing time.
  • It's the most stylish of all coffee makers.
  • You can drink your coffee directly from a French press.

For a drip coffee maker, what is the ideal brewing time?

  • three minutes
  • five minutes
  • seven minutes

What is the optimal water temperature range for brewing coffee?

  • 185-195 degrees F (85-91 degrees C)
  • 195-205 degrees F (91-96 degrees C)
  • 205-215 degrees F (96-102 degrees C)

What part of a drip coffee maker heats the water?

  • heating element
  • propane tank
  • hot plate

If you are prone to leaving the coffee maker on all day, what feature should you look for when shopping for one?

  • timer button
  • automatic shutoff
  • brewing control

What is the gurgling noise that coffee machines frequently make?

  • bubbles in the water
  • steam heating the water
  • the heating element expanding

What holds the water in a coffee maker?

  • pitcher
  • warmer
  • reservoir

If your coffee maker has one, what is the main function of the sensor?

  • to regulate temperature
  • to turn on the machine
  • to turn off the machine

Which fixture in a coffee maker is also found in the bathroom?

  • basin
  • showerhead
  • tub

Which company developed the glamorous Clover coffee maker?

  • Starbucks
  • Mr. Coffee
  • Coffee Equipment Company

How many cups of coffee does a Clover coffee maker brew at once?

  • one
  • eight
  • 10

How much does a fancy drip coffee machine like the Clover cost?

  • $200
  • $1,000
  • $11,000

What is a common criticism of inexpensive drip coffee makers?

  • They take too long to brew a pot.
  • They don't heat the water enough to brew tasty coffee.
  • They are poorly constructed.

Why would you put vinegar in your coffee maker?

  • to sanitize the water reservoir
  • to break down calcium
  • to remove stains