Food Fun: Coffee Quiz
by Staff
It's a cold winter morning, and you could use a couple more hours of sleep, but your commute awaits. The only thing that rouses you from the warm confines of your down comforter is the prospect of a hot cup of coffee washing down your cold throat.

In what country is coffee believed to have originated?

  • Arabia
  • Ethiopia
  • England

The average seven-ounce cup of coffee contains about how much caffeine?

  • 50 to 100 milligrams
  • 115 to 175 milligrams
  • 200 to 300 milligrams

What about the average two-ounce shot of espresso?

  • 100 milligrams
  • 200 milligrams
  • 500 milligrams

What happens to the caffeine that's extracted from the bean in the decaffeination process?

  • It's recycled into the soil.
  • It's discarded and treated as a harmful byproduct.
  • It's used as an additive in Coca-Cola.

Is coffee good for you or bad for you?

  • bad for you
  • good for you
  • contradictory studies leaves it inconclusive

Coffee can be grown alongside which crop?

  • rice
  • corn
  • both

How do Starbucks sales compare to Coca-Cola's?

  • on par with Coca-Cola
  • about one-third as large as Coke's
  • not even close -- less than one-tenth the size of Coke's

Starbucks is a popular job for what reason?

  • It offers health insurance to all employees.
  • Making coffee for strangers is everybody's dream.
  • Baristas feel like they're performing a public service.

What country exports more coffee than any other?

  • Jamaica
  • Turkey
  • Brazil

How many tons of coffee is produced each year worldwide?

  • roughly 7 million tons (6.3 million metric tons)
  • roughly 3 million tons (2.7 million metric tons)
  • roughly 20 million tons (18 million metric tons)