The Commonly Misspelled Words Quiz
by Staff
Think you're an ace at spelling? Oh yeah? Let's see how well you do when they're the words we misspell the most. Take this quiz to test your skills.

A section at the beginning of a book:

  • foreword
  • forward
  • foreward

To annoy or bother someone:

  • harass
  • harrass

An opinion or decision based on careful thought:

  • judgemant
  • judgement
  • judgment

To stop being together, joined or connected:

  • separate
  • seperate
  • seperrate

To make someone look foolish in public:

  • embarass
  • embarrass
  • embarras

A right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others:

  • privledge
  • privalige
  • privilege

To hold (something) back:

  • withold
  • withhold
  • with hold

A promise to do or give something:

  • commitment
  • committment
  • comittment

Able to be subtracted from an amount of money:

  • diductable
  • deductable
  • deductible

To make or have room for:

  • accommodate
  • accomodate
  • acommodate

Determined or conditioned by another:

  • dependant
  • dependent
  • dependint

A special right or privilege that some people have:

  • perogative
  • prerogative
  • porogative

The act or practice of deception:

  • deceit
  • deciet
  • deseit

A person who is the leader of a state:

  • governor
  • govenor
  • govanor

A regular, repeated pattern of sounds or movements:

  • rythm
  • rhythm
  • rythym

To recall the past:

  • reminisce
  • reminise
  • reminice

To notice or become aware of something:

  • perceive
  • percieve
  • perseive

To make a judgment about something:

  • gauge
  • guage
  • gage

Not moving; staying in one place or position:

  • stationary
  • stationery
  • stationarie

To be unable to find something:

  • lose
  • loose
  • loos

Sweet food eaten after the main part of a meal:

  • dessert
  • desert
  • dessart

Emptiness of space:

  • vaccuum
  • vacuum
  • vaccum

Unusual or strange:

  • weird
  • wierd
  • wired

To use legal or official power to take something:

  • seize
  • seize

Made to look like an exact copy of something in order to trick people:

  • counterfeit
  • counterfit
  • counterfet

The first time a film, play, television show, etc., is shown or performed:

  • premiere
  • premier
  • premeire

A person who helps organizations or groups to work together:

  • liaison
  • liason
  • laison

Unequivocally; positively:

  • definitely
  • definately
  • definetly

The power to produce results; influence:

  • effect
  • affect
  • afect

The state of the air and atmosphere at a particular time and place:

  • weather
  • whether
  • wether