The Ultimate Composite Decking Quiz
by Staff
The backyard deck you built several years ago was finished with wood decking. It's time to upgrade your deck and you're thinking that the new composite decking might be a better choice than wood. Take our quiz to see whether you have your composite decking facts straight.

If you construct a deck out of wood. what is the lest attractive feature of the finished product?

  • tendency to warp and buckle
  • regular care and maintenance
  • tendency to shrink and split

What is a revolutionary innovation in options available to install a decking surface?

  • aluminum decking
  • plastic decking
  • composite decking

Composite decking is typically made from:

  • vinyl coated compressed wood chips
  • vinyl coated concrete
  • combination of wood and plastic

How is composite material formed into a board-shaped length suitable for decking application?

  • The mixture is heated before being formed in to the proper shape and then laid out to cool.
  • The mixture is steam treated, poured in to forms where it cools into the proper shape and texture.
  • The mixture is cold pressed in to the proper shape and texture before being sprayed with a clear plastic coating.

What is a distinctive character of composite decking compared to all-wood decking?

  • no difference
  • heavier but weaker
  • lighter and tougher

What is the main reason that composite decking is more popular than wood?

  • Composite decking can be installed and ignored for the remainder of its 30-year life span.
  • Composite decking ages to a beautiful natural pine color within a few months after installation.
  • Composite decking never needs to be sanded, painted, stained or sealed.

Does composite decking require any regular care?

  • Not at all, install the decking, enjoy it and forget about wasting time on anything but basic cleaning.
  • Your composite decking can still stain so be careful to wipe up any spills that stain as soon as possible.
  • The warranty requires you to wash your composite decking monthly with a special cleaning solvent.

In 2007, what manufacturer of composite decking had their decking recalled because it was breaking even when properly installed?

  • Kandant Composites Inc.
  • Universal Decking Corp.
  • Castle Industries inc.

How many types of composite decking are currently available on the U.S. market?

  • six
  • four
  • two

What is the easiest way to tell the difference between solid and hollow composite decking once it has been installed?

  • Solid composite decking looks more like real wood than hollow decking does.
  • You will not hear an echo when you tap on solid decking with a pen or a coin.
  • When you examine hollow decking closely, you will see tiny perforations that allow for ventilation.

Is there a difference in the all weather performance of hollow composites when compared to solid composites?

  • Hollow composite decking will expand and contact more with temperature changes.
  • Solid composite decking will expand and contract more with temperature changes.
  • There is no difference in the performance of solid and hollow composite decking with temperature changes.

What is important regardless to which type of composite decking you choose?

  • Composite decking must be treated with preservative and fungicides.
  • Composite decking does not contain any preservatives or fungicides.
  • Composite decking is waterproof and will not rot or discolor.

Some composite decking has wood content as high as:

  • 80 percent
  • 70 percent
  • 60 percent

What is a long-lasting wood preservative that is commonly used with composite decking?

  • pentox
  • osmose
  • zinc borate

How long can zinc borate remain active in composite decking?

  • more than 20 years
  • around 17 years
  • at least 10 years

How many types of composite decking material are there?

  • nine
  • six
  • three

How can you be sure that the composite decking you are planning to purchase meets building code requirements?

  • Look for a consumer stamp of approval on the underside of each decking plank.
  • The Web site, maintains a list of approved decking materials.
  • All approved decking planks have building standards labels that list ingredients stapled to one end.

How do installation costs of composite decking compare to traditional wood decking?

  • Composite decking is cheaper and fast to install than wood.
  • Composite decking is more expensive to install than wood decking.
  • Composite decking and wood decking installation costs are comparable.

If you are renovating an older deck that employed wooden decking, is there any special consideration?

  • Simply remove the old decking, all nails and coat with paint on preservative before laying down new decking.
  • There is composite decking designed specifically to be installed directly over old decking.
  • Composite decking requires more support underneath so you will have to add more joists.

What is one final caution to anyone that is planning to install composite decking?

  • Make sure that there is adequate air circulation under your patio or deck.
  • Follow manufactures directions to the letter without any deviation.
  • Hire only one of the manufacturing companies certified installers from your area.