Where the Sidewalk Ends: Take Our Concrete Innovation Quiz!
by Staff
What, concrete and mortar don't jump to mind when you think of innovation? But don't be fooled by concrete's stodgy reputation. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of everything new and exciting about concrete.

We're used to things like poured concrete walls and foundations, but what area of construction is concrete now edging into?

  • roofing
  • built-in furniture
  • functional statuary

Concrete roofing offers perks in the form of durability and water resistance; plus, it's a definite turnoff for termites. What's another hidden value of a concrete roof?

  • New concrete formulations are actually lighter than traditional roofs and put less of a structural burden on a home.
  • Concrete roofs are significantly less expensive than traditional tiling and shingle roofs.
  • Homes with concrete roofs are sometimes permitted to bypass certain building codes.

You might think of concrete as a rough or inelegant material, but in many cases it's quite the opposite. What's one way concrete can give your home an aesthetic boost?

  • When you place large order, some concrete retailers allow you to create your own set of custom-molded concrete flatware for free.
  • Concrete dyes and stains make the material an easy method for adding a splash of color to your space.
  • Hollywood junkies often use concrete to create their own DIY Walks of Fame in their homes.

Believe it or not, concrete has one major similarity to amber, the glowing resin often used in jewelry. What is it?

  • Like amber, ancient fossils are often found in concrete.
  • If you could gather enough amber to make a countertop, it would be just as durable and heat-resistant as a concrete one.
  • Both can be used to preserve important or historical items.

What's one technique innovative designers are using to bring concrete to a wide range of homes?

  • Imprinted concrete goes beyond the flat gray surfaces we know and match almost any type of building style.
  • Interior décor: Concrete can be brushed onto interior walls to add a unique finish and texture.
  • The next big thing: concrete pillows.

What does EOP stand for?

  • Extra-Opinionated Person
  • Endo-Oscillating Principle
  • Electro-Osmotic Pulse

How is concrete environmentally friendly?

  • The pigments used to stain and dye concrete are made of primarily natural materials.
  • It's incredibly durable, often lasting up to 75 years.
  • Concrete production methods emit very little carbon dioxide.

Modern formulations of concrete are hydraulic, which means they can be used in ways that most other building materials can't. What's one example?

  • constructing arches
  • serving as a foundation for homes and other buildings
  • providing underwater support for bridges

Which innovator developed the most successful form of hydraulic cement?

  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Joseph Aspdin
  • David O. Saylor

Modern builders will continue to innovate with concrete, but what culture was first to use it in construction?

  • the Romans
  • the Egyptians
  • the Mesopotamians