The Ultimate Concrete Roofs Quiz
by Staff
We've all seen images on the evening news of the devastation wrought by gale-force winds and tornadoes on residential homes. Wooden homes and roofs often go flying when exposed to such extreme weather conditions. Can a concrete roof offer better protection from such disasters? Take our quiz and find out.

What "housing" options were used by early humans?

  • trees
  • caves
  • both of the above

Which type of simple roof is made from dry vegetation such as straw or rushes?

  • hatched
  • thatched
  • matched

A sloped roof is usually covered with roof:

  • tiles
  • blocks
  • planks

In what central European country were concrete roof tiles introduced?

  • England
  • Poland
  • Germany

A concrete roof is constructed out of a concrete:

  • slab
  • block
  • shell

Which type of roof is most popular for residential buildings?

  • sloped tile roof
  • flat tile roof
  • vaulted stone

Which type of roof can you create out of concrete?

  • sloped
  • flat
  • both of the above

A _____ roof is less likely to be damaged by fire.

  • concrete
  • wooden
  • thatched

A concrete roof is best supported by a _____ house.

  • wooden
  • mud
  • concrete

A solid concrete roof can withstand winds of up to _____miles per hour.

  • 55
  • 155
  • 255