Frog or Toad? The Commonly Confused Animals Quiz
by Staff
You wouldn't be too happy if everyone constantly confused you with your neighbor, so imagine how the poor frog feels when it's constantly referred to as a toad. Think you can distinguish some of the most commonly confused animals?

Frog or toad -- who has dry, bumpy skin?

  • toad
  • frog
  • both

Which of the following is NOT a good way to distinguish an alligator from a crocodile?

  • Check out the shape of the snout.
  • Look for teeth when its mouth is closed.
  • Walk up and ask them nicely which group they belong to.

Which has webbed toes -- tortoises or turtles?

  • turtles
  • tortoises
  • neither

Which is noisier -- dolphins or porpoises?

  • Both make an equal racket.
  • porpoises
  • dolphins

Close enough to spot the whites of their eyes? Distinguish cheetahs from leopards by looking for this feature, which only cheetahs possess.

  • brown eyes
  • black stripes running down the nose
  • super-long lashes

Which of the following is more likely to ruin your picnic?

  • wasps
  • bees
  • neither

Which of the following rotates their strong flippers in order to walk on land?

  • sea lion
  • seal
  • sea monkey

Which is bigger -- alpacas or llamas?

  • They're about the same size.
  • alpacas
  • llamas

Which are you most likely to find sunning on a rock in the desert?

  • salamander
  • newt
  • lizard

What about geckos? Are they lizards, salamanders or something else entirely?

  • lizard
  • salamander
  • something else