The Ultimate Controlling Outdoor Pests Quiz
by Staff
If outdoor pests have taken control of your garden, knowing some easy ways to control them may help you make your garden more hospitable for people. Take this quiz to see how good is your knowledge of how to control outdoor pests.

What easy-to-build structure may work well to deter birds from snacking in your garden?

  • wooden frame with window screening
  • wooden frame with plastic sheeting
  • wooden frame with cloth sheeting

Why is window screening an effective shield?

  • lets water through
  • lets sunlight through
  • both answers

What kitchen staple may take care of an ant problem?

  • grits
  • cornmeal
  • both answers

Why may grits and cornmeal be the final solution to an ant problem?

  • grains expand rapidly when exposed to moisture
  • grains are toxic to ants and other pests
  • neither answer

What type of oil works well to repel mosquitoes, flies and other biting insects?

  • olive oil
  • grape seed oil
  • lavender oil

Why are sprays and lotions made with lavender safe for your skin?

  • chemical-free
  • contains chemicals
  • toxic to the skin

What ironic approach may you take to prevent skunks from hanging around your backyard?

  • sprinkle some perfume on rags
  • sprinkle cornmeal
  • sprinkle broken black and white cookies

If you don't want to use your good perfume for a turf war with skunks, what else may you use?

  • strong aftershave
  • inexpensive eau de cologne
  • both answers

What may be a favorite meal of slugs?

  • greens
  • delicate leaves of young plants
  • both answers

What easy homemade remedy may deter slugs?

  • rinse, crushed up eggshells
  • scrambled eggs
  • egg salad

What items should you pick out of your kitchen garbage and use to feed your soil?

  • eggshells
  • coffee grounds
  • both answers

What kind of ant roadblock may encourage ants to change direction?

  • flour
  • sugar
  • baking powder

What may scare away birds?

  • sudden noises
  • traffic
  • wind

Which pests are offended by the smell of peppermint?

  • rats
  • squirrels
  • both answers

Why should you plant mint in containers rather than plant beds?

  • spreads quickly
  • may crowd other plants
  • both answers

What does adding mint to make it taste delicious?

  • hot tea
  • iced tea
  • both answers

What homemade mixture can be used to defend your home from ants?

  • borax and flour
  • flour and baking soda
  • borax and salt

Why should the borax mixture be kept away from children and pets?

  • may be toxic
  • may irritate skin or the respiratory system
  • both answers

What is the recipe for the borax mixture used to prevent an ant home invasion?

  • two parts borax to one part white flour
  • one part borax to two parts white flour
  • equal amounts of borax and white flour

Where can you buy borax?

  • grocery store
  • laundry aisle
  • both answers