The Ultimate Cooking on Your Car Quiz
by Staff
You've decided to take a trip, but you don't want to eat cold cuts, and you certainly don't want to eat fast food. Why not try cooking as you drive? It might sound crazy, but the fact is you can cook on your car engine as you travel! Take our quiz to learn about how you can turn your car into a moving barbeque.

What should you do to find the hot spots on your engine?

  • Drizzle water on various engine parts.
  • Buy an industrial thermometer.
  • Grab various areas with your bare hand.

Which of these is a good place on the engine to cook your food?

  • one of the pistons
  • the exhaust manifold
  • the carburetor

It will take about an hour to cook chicken if you drive at what speed?

  • 35 miles per hour
  • 65 miles per hour
  • 95 miles per hour

How many miles of driving does it take to cook sliced potatoes?

  • 55 miles
  • 155 miles
  • 255 miles

After how many miles will shrimp usually be ready to eat?

  • 10 miles
  • 20 miles
  • 30 miles

What is the purpose of the foil test?

  • The foil test determines the correct location for the food you're cooking.
  • The foil test determines the temperature of the engine.
  • The foil test determines the speed at which you should drive while cooking the food.

How tall should the foil ball for the test be?

  • two inches
  • five inches
  • eight inches

What should you use to secure the food you're cooking?

  • a lightweight wire
  • a paperweight
  • a rock

What is the risk when securing food packages under engine hoses?

  • The engine could flood.
  • The transmission could get stuck.
  • The hose could come loose at some later point.

How dangerous is it to cook on an engine?

  • no risk
  • low risk
  • high risk

You must avoid placing your food on which of these?

  • the fuel injector
  • the transmission
  • the tail pipe

Cars that don't have fuel injectors have which of these instead?

  • an automatic transmission
  • a carburetor
  • an external generator

When placing food on an engine you must make sure to be careful about which of these?

  • moving parts
  • noxious fumes
  • toxic liquids

How hot does a dashboard get in 90-degree weather?

  • 45 degrees
  • 90 degrees
  • 200 degrees

While cooking on your engine may be safe, it could do which of these?

  • It might add an unpleasant flavor to the food.
  • It might ruin the texture of the food.
  • It might destroy the car.

Why is it a bad idea to cook stew on your engine?

  • The water won't boil.
  • The liquids might spill.
  • The liquid in the stew will reduce too quickly.

What sort of cooking liquid is likely to start a fire?

  • anything tomato based
  • fatty liquids
  • fruit juices

What are the best kinds of foods to cook on the engine?

  • You should cook anything you want.
  • You should cook anything that is usually boiled.
  • You should cook anything that can be roasted.

Which of these is an example of the kind of food you should cook on an engine?

  • ice cream
  • chicken
  • sushi

Before placing food on your car's engine, you should follow which of these safety tips?

  • Turn off the engine.
  • Stop the car.
  • Put on your seat belt.