Quiz: Name That Military-free Country
by Staff
Believe it or not, a number of countries around the world have either disarmed their militaries or never formed one in the first place. Test your knowledge of the world's nonmilitary powers.

Which of the following countries most recently gave up its military?

  • the Solomon Islands
  • Haiti
  • Panama

Which of the following is NOT a requirement for members of the Vatican City State security force?

  • They must wear full beards.
  • They must be trained in the Swiss Military.
  • They must be unmarried.

While we're on the subject of tiny European countries, when and why did Monaco decide its military no longer served a purpose?

  • in the 1600s, because long-range artillery made Monaco's military obsolete
  • in the 1800s, because the country had to devote all of its resources to developing industry
  • in the 1900s, because France agreed to defend the country

Let's head north to another little nation. If Iceland were attacked, which country would come to its defense?

  • the United States
  • Norway
  • No country would come to its aid.

Which of the following now military-free countries was the site of intense fighting between Japan and the United States during World War II?

  • the Federated States of Micronesia
  • Mauritius
  • Haiti

Wait. If Micronesia doesn't have a miltary, then how are its citizens able to serve in the army?

  • Micronesians can join a largely symbolic army that conducts parades and hosts foreign dignitaries.
  • Because the United States is responsible for the country's defense, Micronesians can join the United States' armed forces.
  • Micronesians can sign up for a civil army responsible for building and maintaining the country's infrastructure.

Which of the following helped to spark tensions between army-less Costa Rica and Nicaragua?

  • Knowing Costa Rica has no military to retaliate, Nicaragua began restricting the flow of water into Costa Rica.
  • A supposed error in Google Maps led a Nicaraguan general to conduct military exercises in Costa Rica.
  • Unhappy with tariffs placed on coffee by Costa Rica, Nicaragua arranged a widespread boycott of Costa Rican goods.

Which of the following nations spends less on its army than Costa Rica spends on its highly trained police force?

  • Switzerland
  • Ethiopia
  • Guatemala

What's the Special Mobile Force on the island nation of Mauritius tasked with?

  • disrupting potential invaders until the country's military allies can arrive
  • engaging in highly specialized counternarcotics operations
  • conducting civic works projects

Which event was a catalyst for Panama's decision to disband its military?

  • taking over control of the Panama Canal from the United States
  • the decision to divert funds from the military to the expansion of the Panama Canal
  • the U.S. military intervention that led to the capture of Manuel Noriega