Can You Coupon Like a Pro?
by Staff
Coupons are one of the great joys of modern retail. Saving money can be such a rush! (Oh, and it can help your budget, too.) But it's not all fun and games. Test your knowledge of the highs, lows and fine print of the coupon world.

You come across a coupon for $200 off a pair of $700 Prada boots, and you figure, why not? You love boots! How much money are you saving?

  • $500
  • $200
  • Nothing

Which of the following types of retail Web sites offer promotional codes for a discount on your purchase?

  • Fashion, cosmetics and drug stores
  • Art supply, furniture and electronics stores
  • All of the above

To have access to the latest coupons from your favorite online stores, you typically need to:

  • Pay a small fee.
  • Register for e-mail delivery at the store's Web site.
  • Provide your credit card number at the store's Web site.

Coupons delivered to your inbox can be used:

  • In different ways; it varies by coupon.
  • Online only
  • In stores and online

One great way to get a discounted meal at a restaurant you normally can't afford would be:

  • Dine and dash.
  • Show the maître d' your student ID.
  • Go during "restaurant week."

Expiration dates on coupons:

  • Are usually negotiable
  • Are usually strictly enforced
  • Coupons never have expiration dates.

If you find a discount coupon included in the envelope with one of your bills, you should:

  • Use it, but only if it's for something you need.
  • Never use it; it's an identity-theft trick.
  • Subtract the coupon's discount amount for your credit card payment.

When the economy is struggling, retail stores often:

  • Offer fewer coupons
  • Offer more coupons
  • Stop honoring coupons

If you purchase a coupon online:

  • It's probably a scam.
  • You get a refund if you don't use it.
  • You lose money if you don't use it.

A possible pitfall of couponing is:

  • You might end up spending more.
  • You might see a decrease in your credit score.
  • You can only use a certain number of coupons per week.