The Ultimate Crappie Fishing Quiz
by Staff
Crappie fishing is an enjoyable hobby, not to mention an exciting sport. There are many great locations suitable for crappie fishing across the United States and this fish is happily in abundance. Take this quiz to learn more about crappie fishing.

Some rookie fisherman are frustrated when they encounter aggressive types of fish. Which of these are examples of such fish?

  • muskie or redfish
  • bass or carp
  • neither of the above

Crappie fishing is considered to be:

  • relatively easy
  • quite difficult
  • not for the rookie angler

What fish family do crappie belong to?

  • bream
  • carp
  • sunfish

What is the average length of an adult crappie?

  • 7 inches (17 centimeters)
  • 10 inches (25 centimeters)
  • 14 inches (35 centimeters)

What are the two types of crappie?

  • pink crappie and red crappie
  • black crappie and white crappie
  • horned crappie and whiskered crappie

If you are looking for crappie in lakes, where can you expect to find them?

  • in the shallow parts, where there is sand and mud at the bottom
  • in the deep parts, where there is sand and mud at the bottom
  • in the medium-depth areas, where it is clear

Are crappies loners or followers of the crowd?

  • They usually swim alone.
  • Black crappie swim in schools; white ones swim alone.
  • They usually swim in schools.

Why is the fact that they swim in schools useful to know as a fisherman?

  • because it means you have to put up your defenses
  • because at least you know what you're up against
  • because "if you find one, you find 'em all"

What food do crappie feed on?

  • minnows, worms and insects
  • algae and seaweed
  • eels and guppies

Why are lures better than live bait?

  • they're not better in any way
  • because you don't have to worry about keeping them alive
  • because they are inexpensive

Is coloring important when you are choosing bait for crappie?

  • scientists aren't certain
  • no
  • yes

On sunny days, what color lures should you get?

  • very brightly colored
  • blacks and dark blues
  • silver and gray

There are three types of jigs most commonly used for crappie fishing: marabou, curly tail and:

  • fishing pole dancer
  • rooster tail
  • spearhead

Which type of jig is very cheap?

  • curly tail
  • rooster tail
  • marabou

Fly fishing is an effective, fun way to catch crappie. Should the fly be wet or dry?

  • wet is best
  • dry is best
  • both are fine

With fly fishing, how easy is it to detect movement on the end of the line?

  • it's easier than not fly fishing
  • it's more difficult than not fly fishing
  • it depends on the angler

During what season can you wade while fly fishing?

  • during the winter
  • during the summer
  • during the spring

Where do crappie swim at night?

  • at the bottom of the lake bed, along the sand
  • close to the surface
  • far from the surface

Why are lanterns helpful for night fishing?

  • because they shine light on the crappie hiding places
  • because they mesmerize the crappie with their glow
  • because they attract mosquitoes and therefore baitfish

What sort of line is best for night fishing?

  • fluorocarbon line
  • light line
  • heavy line