The Ultimate Creating a Home Sanctuary Quiz
by Staff
It can be a challenge to make your house feel like a home. Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference between a building with four walls and roof and a place that feels warm and inviting. Take this quiz to see what you know about making your house into your personal sanctuary.

What sort of fabrics help to create a cozy feeling in your living room?

  • soft fabrics
  • smooth fabrics
  • rough fabrics

What is a practical use for satin in the living room?

  • curtains
  • a throw
  • a pillow

How might you set up one of the corners of the living room to add to the cozy feel?

  • Make a log fire.
  • Make a reading corner.
  • Make a picture display corner.

What is a fun and entertaining feature you may want to add to your living room?

  • a game area
  • a music area
  • a menagerie

Where else in the house might you put a reading corner?

  • the laundry
  • the kitchen
  • the bedroom

What sort of decorative pieces are recommended for the bedroom?

  • pot-plants
  • scented candles
  • both of the above

What can you use to create a calming sound in the bedroom?

  • a cuckoo clock
  • wind chimes
  • a tabletop fountain

Which of the following items can help make your bathroom feel like a spa?

  • fresh flowers
  • a fruit bowel
  • a pile of towels

Making "spa bags" with grooming tools adds a nice touch to your bathroom. How can you keep the cost of making these bags under control?

  • Put them out only when you have posh guests.
  • Collect free samples from shops.
  • Only make a few bags.

What sort of towels should you invest in for your bathroom?

  • small, thin ones
  • large, thin ones
  • large, fluffy ones