The Ultimate Creating a Family Reunion Web Site Quiz
by Staff
Trying to organize a group of people for a family get-together can be frustrating. Use a family reunion Web site to give all the details, and communicate with each other by blogging. Take this quiz to learn more about how to create a family reunion Web site.

What information is important to communicate to everyone involved in a family reunion?

  • when
  • where
  • both answers

How can the Internet be used to get feedback from family members about the reunion plans?

  • blog
  • snail mail
  • neither answer

Why is a poor choice for a family reunion Web site?

  • limits use to 2011
  • too many Smiths
  • hard to remember

A Web site address should be easy to:

  • remember
  • spell
  • type

For a user friendly family reunion Web site, what information should be at the top of the page?

  • time, place and location
  • dress code, what to bring
  • directions, parking information

When should you start blogging on the Web site?

  • two days before
  • one weeks before
  • two months before

How can you share photos from the reunion?

  • upload to the Web site
  • email photos
  • snail mail photos

What special information should be provided for out-of-town guests?

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • both answers

What template may be helpful when ordering reunion T-shirts?

  • order reunion t-shirts
  • pay for reunion t-shirts
  • both answers

How can you use the Web site to help family members get to know each other?

  • post hobbies
  • post special interests
  • post

How can you use the Web site to keep track of who brings what to a covered dish picnic?

  • email each other
  • post a running list
  • neither answer

What safety information may be helpful to include on the Web site?

  • information about wheelchair access
  • number of steps
  • both answers

How can you use the Web site to easily the collect reunion dues?

  • post the mailing address
  • accept credit card payments
  • neither answer

How can you easily share the reunion video with all the family members?

  • upload video
  • email video
  • snail mail video copies

What is a good site-building tool?

  • polling
  • email address
  • neither answer