The Ultimate Creative Painting Quiz
by Staff
Creative painting can provide a welcome change from the standard approach. Take this quiz to find out what you know about creative painting.

Why change your approach to painting?

  • for a change of pace
  • to save money
  • to help the environment

How would you define wabi-sabi?

  • a very spicy sauce
  • a Japanese style of painting
  • a Jedi knight

When using a stencil, why should you offload excess paint?

  • to save money
  • to avoid brush strokes
  • to minimize damage to the stencil

Which of these is the most efficient way to secure a stencil?

  • Tape it to the wall with painter's tape.
  • Hold it against the wall with your hand.
  • Glue it to the wall with epoxy glue.

How can you tell that you've removed all of the excess paint from your brush?

  • The brush looks clean.
  • The paint doesn't drip.
  • The brush is only half full.

Which of these is the proper method for painting with stencils?

  • straight strokes from left to right
  • direct dabs with the tip of the brush
  • light circular strokes

What should you do with a stencil after using it?

  • Blow dry it.
  • Wash it.
  • Throw it out.

Which of these types of flashlights should you use to create enlarged stencil designs?

  • any flashlight with a removable lens
  • a military flashlight
  • a waterproof flashlight

What kinds of designs are best when enlarged?

  • designs with round edges
  • designs with clear and definite shapes
  • designs with words

Once you have projected your design onto the wall with your flashlight, what should you do next?

  • Trace the design with a pencil.
  • Start painting immediately.
  • Memorize the design placement.

What sort of paint should you use to apply a lace pattern?

  • stencil paint
  • acrylic paint
  • spray paint

If you're using lace as a stencil, when should you remove the lace?

  • immediately after painting
  • once the paint has totally dried
  • only after three to four hours

How should you secure a flashlight when using it as a stencil?

  • Hold it in one hand while you trace.
  • Have a friend hold it for you.
  • Prop it on a stack of books.

When spray painting over lace, which of these methods should you use?

  • Apply one thick coat of paint.
  • Apply from right to left in a circular motion.
  • Apply and reapply in small amounts.

What should you bear in mind regarding tissue paper techniques?

  • They are permanent.
  • They are extremely expensive.
  • They are bad for the environment.

Where should you go to purchase glazing liquid?

  • a grocery store
  • a painting store
  • a hardware store

When should you apply the tissue to the wall?

  • before you begin painting
  • while the satin finish is drying
  • after you've completed all of the painting

Why should you crumble tissue paper before applying it?

  • to achieve texture
  • to save space
  • to use up as much of the paper as possible

Which of these should you use to apply glaze?

  • a paintbrush
  • a cotton rag
  • a spray bottle

What is the difference between the way glaze looks when it's wet and when it's dry?

  • It looks light, but dries dark.
  • It looks dark, but dries light.
  • It looks milky, but dries clear.