The Ultimate Creating Study Space for Your Kids Quiz
by Staff
As a parent, you can do wonders at helping your child develop good study habits. This starts with an appropriate study space, including decisions about where, how and when he or she will study. Before you begin this process, take this quiz to learn about creating a study space.

Why do some kids see "study" as a four-letter word?

  • because they love using it a s a curse word
  • because it represents something bad to them
  • because they misspell it

To help your kids with a study routine, what time goals can you set for them?

  • They should make sure to finish their homework by the time "American Idol" is screened.
  • They should do homework for no more than 15 minutes a day.
  • They should try to do homework at the same (routine) time every night.

In terms of space, what would be the most conducive for studying?

  • a designated area reserved for studying
  • a comfortable area in the TV room
  • a clean area around the kitchen table

What should you take into account when choosing a study space for your child?

  • the teacher's wishes
  • his or her personality
  • neither of the above

Why is it a good idea to work together with your child to create a study space?

  • so that he'll like it and use it
  • because you won't manage to do it without him
  • so that he will appreciate what you do for him

Studies show that the average college student spent:

  • 40 hours of weekly study time in 1961, but only 27 hours in 2003
  • 40 dollars per week in 1961, but only 27 dollars in 2003
  • 40 hours of weekly leisure time in 1961, but only 27 hours in 2003

Good _____ is an essential accessory for your child's study space.

  • behavior
  • lighting
  • paper

What height should the chair be in relation to the desk?

  • four inches (10.2 cms) above the desk top
  • three feet (one meter) from the floor
  • at the correct height for your child, whereby he is sitting comfortably with his work at comfortable reach

Which of these items would be appropriate study accessories for an elementary school child?

  • calculators and fountain pens
  • pens and staplers
  • crayons and kids' scissors

Why is a calendar a good idea to put in your child's study space?

  • to chart the days till his or her birthday
  • to learn to prioritize and track deadlines
  • to learn the names of the months of the year