The Ultimate Creating a Vignette Quiz
by Staff
Do you know what you can do with that barren corner in your living room? Are you the resident expert on how to create a designer vignette? Take our quiz and establish yourself as a design authority.

How is the word vignette used to describe something in your home?

  • a tablescape that tells a story
  • a quick family character sketch
  • a mantle top memorial

What is the most appealing reason to create a vignette?

  • has only four basic construction rules
  • sets the mood in any room
  • unique to an individual

What is considered a classic vignette construction strategy?

  • maintaining colors in the same tint or shade category
  • mimicking shapes and scenes subtly
  • using flowers

What is the best way to decide what you want to use and what you need to buy to create your vignette?

  • Browse through pictures of vignettes on the internet to inspire your design.
  • Check the flea markets and garage sales to discover an item that grabs your attention.
  • Gather up all the objects in your home that you find interesting and see what inspires you the most.

Once you have everything interesting together in front of you, what is the next step?

  • Remove half the items leaving only what you like best.
  • Group everything by color and theme.
  • Pick three items and put the remainder away.

What is the most important decision you must make before you start to create your vignette?

  • You will want to decide on an anchor piece.
  • You will want to decide on a color scheme.
  • You will want to decide on the number of items to display.

The main function of your anchor piece is to:

  • dictate the color scheme of a vignette
  • set the tone of a vignette
  • provide a solid base for a vignette

What is the most distinguishing feature of the anchor piece in a vignette?

  • location in the middle of other items
  • a bolder brighter color than other items
  • larger in scale than the other items

What is one basic rule of successful vignettes?

  • Even-numbered objects grouped together are more pleasing to the eye.
  • Odd-numbered items grouped together are more pleasing to the eye.
  • Paired or matching items are more pleasing to the eye.

What is a second concrete rule for vignette design?

  • Find symmetry in relationship of lines one to another.
  • The anchor item in a vignette must be three times higher than other items.
  • If the vignette anchor is not the highest item, it must be the widest.

If you employ a stack of books in your vignette, how do you count them?

  • Count each book in your stack as an individual item.
  • Thick books count as separate items and thin books count as a single item.
  • A stack of books is always counted as one dominant item in a vignette.

What is a third concrete rule for vignette design?

  • Look for consistency in shapes.
  • Look for variety in shapes.
  • Colors should be similar in shade.

What is the ultimate goal that determines success for a vignette?

  • Anyone entering a room will find a successful vignette breathtaking.
  • A successful vignette is a design technique to create visual interest in a room.
  • A successful vignette gives new life and focus to items that were considered clutter.

You have chosen a sculpture two feet high as your anchor item. What should be the size of the next dominant item?

  • The next dominant item should be one foot in height.
  • The next dominant item should be one and a half feet in height.
  • The next dominant item should be less than half a foot in height.

Some of the most striking vignettes have:

  • domestic animal portraits as their anchor item
  • an exciting mix of vivid colored items
  • very subtle themes running through them

When putting an assortment of items together in a vignette there are:

  • no hard rules
  • three basic rules
  • no more than two like items

What do you want to avoid at all costs when you create your vignette masterpiece?

  • Avoid including your favorite collection in a vignette.
  • Avoid overdoing the number of items included in a vignette.
  • Avoid including a pair of any item in a vignette.

What is an easy way to create a vignette that constantly changes?

  • Rotate similar objects in and out of your vignette over time.
  • You can use a mirror for the anchor piece of your vignette.
  • Use a fish tank as the anchor piece in your vignette.

How should you start if you want to make a vignette in a child’s room or a playroom?

  • Choose items that can be anchored to the table or dresser.
  • Choose toys that the child can play with and return to the vignette.
  • Get you child involved in the planning and selection of items.

What is a good idea for a themed vignette?

  • A seasonal and holiday vignette is a good choice.
  • A vignette based on a relaxing waterfall as the anchor item is a good choice.
  • Both of the above answers are excellent choices for a theme vignette.