Bon Voyage! The Cruise Quiz
by Staff
Want a truly luxurious vacation? Take a cruise! Simply hop aboard a cruise ship and sail the world – with every amenity imaginable at your fingertips, of course.

If slicing the ice on an indoor skating rink sounds like a great way to pass the time on your cruise, which of these lines will you need to book?

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Princess
  • Carnival

Which of these cruise destinations boasts a recently discovered case of Scotch left buried in ice for 100 years?

  • Alaska
  • Antarctica
  • Greenland

Which of these occasions generally requires booking a full year in advance to ensure you get a place on the cruise ship during the holiday?

  • Thanksgiving
  • Spring Break
  • Easter

Arguably the greatest hour-long television comedy set aboard a cruise ship, The Love Boat, was filmed on what real-life cruise line's vessel?

  • Carnival
  • Disney
  • Princess

Which part of the boat is the best place for a traveler prone to seasickness to book a cabin?

  • Bow
  • Middle
  • Stern

Which company, still in operation today, was the main rival to the White Star Line, the company that operated the Titanic?

  • Cunard
  • Seabourn
  • Belfast

At the captain's table, the captain traditionally does not customarily do which of these to signal it's okay to begin eating and dining?

  • Tearfully recount a story of the sea
  • Propose a toast
  • Say "bon appétit" or "enjoy your dinner"

Which of these refers to the right side of the ship when you're facing forward?

  • Aft
  • Port
  • Starboard

Which of these works as a pharmaceutical cure for seasickness?

  • Antihistamines
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Antibiotics

Which of these areas tends to feature the choppiest seas?

  • The Gulf of Aden
  • The Panama Canal
  • The Strait of Magellan

Most ships observe a cash-less system. This means you should plan on:

  • Free booze for one and all!
  • Tipping once, at the end of the cruise
  • Being left in the next port if you flash any paper currency on board

When's the best time of year to take a cruise to Patagonia?

  • May to September
  • October to April
  • Never, no cruise line goes to Patagonia

Royal Caribbean is launching the world's largest and most expensive cruise ship ever. What is its name?

  • The Highness
  • The Bahamian
  • The Genesis

What two countries are you between if you sail through the Bering Strait on a cruise?

  • Russia and the United States
  • Portugal and Morocco
  • Spain and Morocco

Which of these three White Star Line Olympic class ships sunk after it hit a mine in World War I?

  • The Olympic
  • The Britannic
  • The Titanic

Which of these is another name for the weight of the ship?

  • The occupancy
  • The burden
  • The payload

Which of these ships boasted evening opera performances in the onboard Royal Court Theatre?

  • The Flying Dutchman
  • The Princess Rose
  • The Queen Mary 2

How far away does a cruise ship have to be from shore to legally dump its solid and liquid waste into the sea?

  • 3 miles
  • 10 miles
  • 12 miles

Which coast of Mexico are you sailing along if your cruise ship passes the country's Gold Coast?

  • East Coast
  • West Coast
  • Southern Coast

Which of these cruise lines is known for spas that offer Balinese-style treatments?

  • Celebrity
  • Holland America
  • Norwegian